Family cycle ride

On a Friday Daddy M finishes work at lunchtime so we thought as it was such a lovely day we would go for a family cycle ride. This made the boy happy as he will take any opportunity to take his new bike out. We usually like to go along the seafront but there is a cycle route we have been meaning to do for over a  year.

About two years ago the council made a footpath into a cyclepath through the farm fields from the coast at Felpham into Barnham. I’m not sure how far it is but I know other friends have told me how beautiful the countryside is, so we thought we give it a look.

Its a great route for budding cyclists as its nice and wide, flat and lots to see without the worry of the boy wobbling into traffic. We say lots of wildlife and even found a café at the other end for tea and cake. We all decided we need to get out more as a family and cycle to local places and I am sure we will use this route again soon.

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