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We have been invited by Ocean Finance to take part in the Lego dream house challenge. This is something the boy and I couldn’t turn down. We were sent a box of standard bricks to start us off, and after much discussion and thought the boy set about building.

I have found the boy recently is much more likely to want to build from instructions rather than his imagination, so it took me a while to convince him that this challenge was not so much about what you can build, like a cake, or a boat. But much more about what sort of home he can dream up, and that dreams and imagination while not always possible are something that you can make come to life with Lego. I know that I had clear dreams about what my dream house would be like as a kid. I think I am quite close, I have a big garden, two cats and apart from the fact I would love to look over the sea, we are all very happy here.

The boy and I had many in-depth discussions about what the boy wants to be when he is older, and he is still set on being an GB Olympic fencer. This is a dream he has had since we went to the London 2012 Olympics, and one I truly hope he has the opportunity of making come to life. It turns out the he has discussed this with his small circle of friends and they have come up with a plan to all live together. they decided that their dream house would encompass their combined dreams and needs with a home for the three of them. A large garden for the boy to practice fencing, while his friends programme computer games in the living room. Somewhere they could live close enough, but not in the same home. The boy also explained that this home would be in the USA, but that he would still only compete as a GB athlete coming home to see us whenever he could. Combined with the boys desire to become a policeman when he is grown up, and it would be a tough task to make a dream home where all these things could be included.

The boy decided that after building a basic home, window door roof! it needed a helicopter pad to land his police helicopter on. It would of course need a fast car for catching all those criminals, and lots of space to practice fencing. It of course would need a nice big sign to tell you that the police lived there and he was done. This is the boys final creation, a super dream Police house!

Ocean Finance Lego Dream House

I have loved having a peek into my son’s future, and where he sees his life going. I hope that he will continue to dream big, and enjoy what life has in store for him. For over 20 years, Ocean has been helping people create their dream homes throughout the UK. They provide personal finance solutions including personal loans, homeowner loans, credit cards and mortgages. To find out more about this super creative competition visit the Ocean Finance website here.


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  1. My son likes the ideas of the LEGO sets but is to young to follow the instructions. We are currently using boxes of old LEGO but his dream is to have a new box of his own! I guess that will have to go on the Christmas list!

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