I dont do mornings!

I don’t do mornings!

There, I have said it, I am not a morning person, I never have been and I expect I never will. My family knows that there is an invisible “Do not Disturb” sign that is over me till at least 10am or the second cup of tea! The boy used to use his cute baby smile to try to bring me round, and it worked for a short while. Who couldn’t resist the cheeky grin, and wide awake blue eyes. You would think the presence of a small person in our lives might have changed our breakfast routine. Well it did slightly, but it also gave me the excuse I needed to go back to bed after breakfast. As they say sleep when baby is asleep.cheeky morning face

Now is where the population of GB will dislike me just a little bit! as I confess Dad M makes breakfast each morning, and brings mine to me in bed. OK, I know I’m lucky, but he is still a man and not completely domesticated, as the evidence in the kitchen each morning can prove. Yes he does the packed lunches, and feeds the boy, but that is where out breakfast treats stop! I still do the school run, and can be up dressed and ready to leave in 10 minutes flat. I have no idea how I ever used to get to work on time, well maybe on time ish.


So breakfast is important in the Soup Dragon House, the boy has to have something that will keep him going and learning, cereal, yoghurt and toast is preferred. Some mornings fresh fruit and the odd croissant for a treat. For me I like fresh grapefruit, cereal and the all important first cup of tea. For Dad M he has the same cereal each day, he doesn’t like change.

So what did my family think when I offered them belVita biscuits for breakfast?

The boy likes something healthy, and liked that these biscuits are a good source of vitamins, he is currently obsessed by what foods contain. BelVita met with his approval as they contain no colours or preservatives. I tried the new yoghurt crunch which go well with a cup of tea, I found them a bit dry without. Dad M was not fussed, as I said he doesn’t do change, so it might take him a while to get used to something new. BelVita are a good source of slow release carbohydrates so are great to keep you full for longer. This might even stop my horrid mid morning snack habit.

belvita breakfast

I would love to find out more about your mornings. Do you get breakfast in bed, or even a cup of tea, and what is your favourite food for breakfast?

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  1. LOL I could have written this post! I don’t do mornings either and Ross always does breakfast – I dread him being away! Loving all of the baby photos, so cute!
    Mummy of Two recently posted…Faces #TheGalleryMy Profile

    1. Phew, I am feeling better about my confession, and yes I went down memory lane for my pictures, I had forgotten what a little cutie he was. (and of course still is, when he is good ;-))

  2. Well I kinda can do mornings but guess I’ve always had to get up early since doing a morning paper round as a child. I do struggle now as I stay up late too as it’s my only opportunity for child free time, but there’s no chance of my husband getting up before me so I just get on with it. All I can say is it’s busy, hectic, I eat cereal on the go as I get things ready for school/work!!
    Fiona Martin recently posted…Tomy Britains Big Farm Toys – ReviewMy Profile

  3. I am not a morning person either at all. Wish I had a OH like my Dad who used to do mornings whilst mum slumbered and enjoyed her delivered cup of coffee. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part
    Kate on Thin Ice recently posted…The magic of MorrisonsMy Profile

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