Disimpaction, not a word you hear everyday, well not in most households, but one that has become very common in the Dragon house over the last week. Disimpaction was a word that has scared me for so long now that I didn’t think I would ever be happy to even say it out loud, let alone write about it.

I think it might be something that someone might one day find useful to know it’s not as bad as you might think to have to medicate your child to the point of diarrhea. As a nation we hate talking about bowels and poo, but problems are more common than you think. While the boy and the rest of the family have struggled on through all the problems, now I feel is the time to say we have had enough and move forward.

Don’t think I have been sitting around ignoring the situation, as that is not the case. I have been on the hospital books for so long now that we almost deserve our own parking space! So how did we get to this point. The boy isn’t alone 1 in 4 children in an average school class will wet the bed at night. As many as 3 in a class of 30 will have some form of toilet issue and ours is that the boy isn’t clean.

So how do you deal with still trying to toilet train an eight year old? Well you don’t! You cope, you have things in place, you boil pants each week. You spend a small fortune on Pyjama Pants or washing bed sheets. You try to get others to understand that he just doesn’t go to the loo unless you tell him too. But people don’t understand, you might think. Hang on! I need the loo. The boy doesn’t. Nagging didn’t help, not nagging, ignoring it. medicine, laxatives, softener’s, changes in diet. Bribery, books, hours of reading stories on the loo.

These are just a few of things I have tried over his lifetime. Now, we are trying Disimpaction. A huge dose of Movacol, it softens the poo, and hopefully gives the boy diarrhea. Not pleasant, so it was decided by me that hospital looked like a safe place, away from home, away from distractions, where it would be taken seriously.  Where I wouldn’t be the bad nagging Mum for a change. This didn’t work! Hospital was too exciting, beds were hard, no sleep for me. Slow start to the medicine, horrid food that even the boy said was bad, and too much fun in the playroom. So after talking to my nurse and consultant, we came home.

Day 6, and there should be movement, for those in the know we should be doing a number 7 on the chart. We are on a very high dose now, and guess what, its not looking good. The boy says lots of rumbles, he says that he feels like he has less in there. We think he showed good signs on day 3 but since then very little change. The nurse is happy that I am doing it all right, but if we don’t have something happen soon, well I don’t know.

Disimpaction is not the end though, in fact this is the easy bit? (If over medicating a healthy child to make them unwell is easy) No the next part is not getting back to where we started. The boys x-ray showed how badly constipated and stretched his bowels were. This could take months for them to get back to the shape and size they should be. So each day I become Mum the poo monitor, “how big?” “what number?” “have you drunk your water?” medicine will be monitored every day increased decreased. But I know it will be worth it. We have had one pair of clean pants! This in itself is a miracle. One I wont be broadcasting, but one I am still happy about. So tomorrow day 7, and the full maximum dose, and I am taking each day as it comes. So if your child is having problems, do it sooner rather than later, not just for their sake, but for your sanity. I don’t know how many more days of staying at home and watching Dave I can take!

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