Disimpaction Part 2

Ok, so Disimpaction part one, didn’t go quite according to plan. Coming home from hospital was however a good decision and one that the boy was ok about. With lots of lovely sleep, and plenty of being allowed to do what he wanted during the day, the whole two weeks flew by.

As for the medicine, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. The boy needed the toilet more often, but all things being considered we had more clean pants, no accidents and even managed a day out in London on the second week. Our nurse came to see us and is very happy with the boy, I am still feeling apprehensive that we need to keep reinforcing that he will need to make sure he goes to the loo so we don’t end up back at the beginning. Maybe I am being a bit to hard on him, but I am still impressed.

We have had one dry night! now that the volume of liquid has gone down, and the smell which I usually associate with the boys clothing has gone. The boy has also been drinking all his water, as well as taking the Movicol. So now starts the next step, to keep going and now we introduce Senna, which is used to stop constipation. The next few weeks will see a mixture of different doses at different times to see which works best for the boy. Then long-term we can start to look at other problems like the night-time bed wetting.

All things considered I have to say I am very hopeful, while still being caucus. I keep asking myself why we didn’t do this ages ago. I can only think it was because I just didn’t know how the boy would cope, and you can’t give a child with diarrhea to a child-minder. Being at home has finally had some use, other than being the orderer of the mystery parcels!

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