Cycling safely this summer

Spring is here and with Summer 2014 fast approaching I have been thinking about cycle safety. While I prepare to spend my first summer working from home, I am seriously considering doing more cycling, but am worried about some of the stats on cycle accidents. Here are some stats from ROSPA, they make for interesting reading:

Cycling Accidents

  • Around 75% of fatal or serious cyclist accidents occur in urban areas2
  • Around half of cyclist fatalities occur on rural roads
  • 75% happen at, or near, a road junction
  • 80% occur in daylight
  • 80% of cyclist casualties are male
  • Almost one-quarter of the cyclists killed or injured are children
  • Around three-quarters of cyclists killed have major head injuries.

Cycling safely has always been important in the Soup Dragon Family, so I am quite ashamed to admit that I still don’t wear a cycle helmet. Why not? Well I have asked myself the same thing. I wont let the boy leave the house without his helmet so why should I be any different. I even made Dad M buy one a couple of years ago. I put it down to years of riding bikes on streets where there was less traffic, but in this day and age things are not the same. I also hate riding on the road and prefer cycle paths, they feel safer and I have had my fair share of near misses. Mainly when I used to cycle too and from work, I did this for 7 years and although it was only 2 miles each way which I got down to being able to complete in about 10 minutes it was a bit dicey at times.

bike safety

So with these facts and figures running around my head, I think it is time to get a bit more safety conscious. Then I will have every reason to gloat as I sail past all the traffic jams safely on my environmentally friendly mode of transport. As a family I think it is important to set and example so as soon as I have my helmet I will be planning to take the boy for one of the Free Halfords bike workshops. These are run during the holidays for kids 7 -11 and you can book up to educate your child on basic bike maintenance. I hope this will include correctly fitting lights as I think this is important.


We will be all set to go, with the change of clocks already making the evenings lighter, we will be looking forward to lots of family cycling trips over the coming months. If you are worried about bike safety why not have a look at Eversure Insurance with a range of insurance products for all types of cyclists including family cover they are a great way to make sure if you do have a problem you are covered.

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  1. I didn’t know you could get bike insurance. Worth having if you cycle a lot I think. My 2 don’t really bother with their bikes but I think that is down to the weather we’ve been having. Hopefully a good summer will get them out and about on their bikes.
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    1. We seem to have gone from not riding much, and scooting lots to the other way round. I think this year there will be much more cycling and I will make it important to teach the boy road safety too!

    1. Yes I agree, it was brought home to me when a kid on a bike came off outside our house. We ended up calling an ambulance after having to carefully get him off the road. It was dark and he had no lights, he was in a rush because he was late getting home and he knew his Mum would be worried. Thankfully it was just him clipping the kerb, if there had been a car I dread to think. So lights are important too!

    1. I live cycling and miss it from when I cycled every day. Maybe this will be the new challenge for you now you have conquered swimming?

  2. We only have one car so my husband cycles to work every day, it’s a 4/5 mile journey each way and does worry me sometimes in the rainy/windy weather especially as he’s shift work, it’s often pitch black when he’s cycling. He fell off twice last year due to ice and broke his elbow twice within 3 months!! Miss M’s an avid cyclist but we always make her wear her helmet! Mister B on the other hand refuses to sit on his bike – very frustrating!
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    1. Sounds like a right mix! The boy loves cycling, in some ways I wish it was further to school as it takes less than 2 mins. But he still enjoys it.

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