Cutting down on single use plastics

For a while now the dragon family have been trying to do their bit towards saving the environment from the tons of plastic that seems to be in everyday use. It is super easy now to recycle paper, card and most of the card packaging that comes when you buy something new. But how can you save your corner of the world from plastics?

I started with reusable shopping bags, and returning plastic bags to the collection points in supermarkets. I found a local Facebook selling page to pass on unwanted jiffy bags as well as the clothes the boy has grown out of. Freecycle is another great website for sharing items that you may have thought you would have had to dump. Our best one was getting rid of an old summerhouse. The person wanted it for a dog kennel. They removed it and saved us lots of dump trips!

It can be harder to find a way to cut down on the single use plastics in everyday use. I am determined that we are going to do our bit and have started to save all my plastic packaging for Ecobricks. This comes from all sorts of places. The fruit and vegetable bags and lunchbox snacks, wrapping around new goods and sometimes even bags that new clothes arrive in.

Toothbrushes are one of the plastic objects I had not really thought about, until I came across the BlueRock website. I reuse most of my families toothbrushes as cleaning aids, they are great for the difficult to reach bits in the kitchen and bathroom. However it is still great to think I am saving one more plastic item from landfill.

BlueRock sent me a pack of three adult bamboo brushes from their bamboo toothbrush subscription service. I love the idea that I can simply set up an order to suit each family member and the brushes arrive through my letterbox. Of course all the packaging is recyclable, and the brushes themselves being made from bamboo means they are as environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible.

BlueRock have really thought about how to provide a service for their customers and brushes cost as little as £3.50 depending on quantity ordered. We like that our brushes were different colours so no getting mixed up in the bathroom. I also like that 10p from the sale of each brush goes towards marine conservation. I think most people saw Blue Planet on the TV last year and will want to consider replacing plastic products with more environmental alternatives.

I also like to give charities any unwanted gifts as I know these often raise them much needed funds. Toys and household items can go to charity shops, and our local scouts will take rag to raise funds. Most tips will also take shoes, old clothes and bedding to be recycled.

My next recycling project is going to be saving crisp packets and returning them to Walkers for recycling into useful objects. So what will you be doing in 2019 to try and cut down on your plastic waste?

Would you like the chance to win a years subscription to Blue Rock and do your bit towards reducing single use plastics? Then enter my giveaway with the Gleam app below:

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Disclaimer, I was sent a family pack of Blue Planet Toothbrushes to try. The words remain my own and have not been altered. #Review #NotPaid

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  1. I had no idea you could send crisp packets back to walkers, this is definitely what we need to do more of. The bamboo toothbrushes are a great idea too – you don’t need a plastic handle. Plastic has to be considered as something long term and reusable or it has to be replaced. I’m hoping 3D printing can help turn the single use thing around too. It’d be nice to think in the future it was worth digging up old plastic to make something new 🙂
    Jenny @thebrickcastle recently posted…Activities For Families in Manchester and the NW UK – Spring and Feb Half TermMy Profile

    1. yes I quite often dig up lumps of plastic from the garden. Yes Walkers only started this at the end of last year, I am going to get the whole of our Scout group to save them for their ecology badge. The toothbrushes are a new thing I hadn’t seen before and I love them already, its an easy swap that hopefully in the log term will make a big difference.

  2. I knew a lot of plastic ended up in the ocean but not 8 million tonnes a year! We will be cutting down on plastic, we’ve already swapped to reusable water bottles and I’m now thinking of changing our toothbrushes

  3. The bristles can be pulled out with pliers and recycled. I use refillable water bottles and when shopping, take reusable bags.

  4. The bristles are made from Nylon-6, which is a recyclable plastic
    I reuse bags for going shopping and always try to recycle when i can,

  5. The bristles can be recycled. I use an aluminium water bottle, don’t use plastic bags and use beeswax cloths rather than clingfilm

  6. All the packaging is recyclable .I have stopped buying bottled water and now use a re-usable bottle

  7. There is no plastic in package. I just have tarted to changing my habits to buy things environment friendly and use less plastic.

  8. Nylon6 is a recyclable plastic. I used a aluminum water bottle, never use plastic bags and use beeswax fabric instead of clingfilm

  9. This is a fab give away, I’m trying to reduce plastic and I’m glad people are spreading awareness of such an important issue

  10. I learnt there is more plastic in our seas than I thought! We’ve already stopped using plastic straws

  11. I learnt that the toothbrushes can be put on my compost heap which is amazing. I am cutting down my single plastic use by trying to look for alternative packaging when I buy something – for example boxes rather than plastic containers. I use a re-usable bottle for water now, no longer buy plastic straws or bags and I am generally trying to be aware of what I purchase and the container it is in.

  12. I love everything about these! I’m trying to only buy fruit and veg at the supermarket that isn’t in any packaging x

  13. We’ve not been recycling properly (non-recycleable items were being put in recycling bins) at my work so less types of packaging is now being collected to avoid fines from the waste company! It’s a pity because people really want to know what they can and can’t recycle. I didn’t realise crisp packets could be recycled with Walkers so I will definitely do this now.

  14. It is terrible that oil drilling in the Arctic has devastating consequences for the wildlife and adds to global warming. I use a hessian bag when out shopping and have just bought a toothpaste that comes in a glass jar, so these toothbrushes would be perfect.

  15. I like that the bristles can be removed and recycled. I’m looking at moving away from shower gel to bar soap and maybe to try a shampoo bar.

  16. Love that the bristles are recyclable. I bought two wooden crates last week to transfer my shopping delivery into instead of having it packed in bags. I’m also not buying any food products in black plastic packaging anymore, as I only just recently found out that they can’t be picked out by the recycling machines.

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