Crying real tears for Elise Christie

Yes we had real tears today for Elise Christie, as our short track star was once again judged out of her final race. One very upset young man has gone to bed, whispering to himself at the unfairness of it all. He said

“It would be like me being disqualified in foil, then sabre, then the one whose name I can’t remember! (Epee) and that is just wrong!”

Is this a good lesson for him to learn? I do hope so, I know in his chosen sport of Fencing he will meet plenty of his own judges decision’s, that at the time may not favour him. I know he has been warned that sometimes it is how you behave, and who you know that will get you points.

I am not saying that Elise deserved any of what to us seem unfair judging decisions, and I am sure that like so many athletes before her she will go on to achieve greater things in her life. I can’t help feeling a little sad myself tonight that things did not go her way. The boy of course sees things so black and white, and I know if he was in Sochi right now, he would be up there sorting out the judges to find out exactly why they disqualified one of our greatest medal hopes for the Winter Games!

So Elise if you are reading this, we believe in you, and my 8-year-old boy will be shouting the loudest in 4 years time, louder than anyone for you to prove them wrong, we know you can win gold.

My son

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