My Christmas Wish List

I have decided this year that with all the drama with Dad M’s leg that I need to put together a Christmas Wish List. While I am simple to please and will be quite happy with a bar of Dairy Milk chocolate, I don’t think I can get away with this for the rest of the family.

Starting with the boy…this Christmas would not be the same without LEGO, so with much thought as to which set, there are far too many to choose from, we have gone for Star Wars. The Millennium Falcon looks like an amazing set, and with all the Tesco vouchers doubled up to pay for it, I think there will be a nice big smile on the boys face on Christmas Day.

Next Bingo Granny… who can be a little tricky to choose a gift for, I usually ask to make sure I don’t get the wrong thing.This year she wants a shopping trolley. I have seen some fab ones in the local market so I think something with spots might be just the thing. It might prove difficult to wrap, but I’m sure the boy will find a way!

The Cousins…the boys are all getting older, and I find more difficult to find interesting non voucher gifts. This year I think Minecraft books all round, as they will defiantly approve of the choice. For the little ones who are all girls I love anything pink and cute, and books always go down well.

Minecraft Annual

Then Dad M… as much as I would just love to buy him rolls of cling film to cover his plaster, or Jaffa cakes which are a particular favourite. I think this year the boy and I need to get our thinking caps on and buy him something that will really cheer him up.

I have been looking at a the with the largest selection of watches online, at very affordable prices, as well as famous names its a great place to start. I love the Gift Finder on their site, simply clicking the amount you want to spend, gender, or even the colour and it gives you a great choice. The boy and I really like this blue faced Ben Sherman watch, and at the great value price of £35 with 12% off RRP (I do like a bargain) it certainly wont break the bank. While we can make sure Dad M is stylish and arrives at all his outpatient appointments in plenty of time.

Disclaimer this is my wish list entry into the competition

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  1. I would love a shopping trolley too. I rely on my feet and the bus to go shopping and sometimes I struggle to carry things like 6 pints of milk, bottles of pop home!

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