Choosing the right university: A student’s guide

Choosing the right university: A student’s guide

So, you’re planning to go to university and the choice in front of you is both exciting and bewildering! The UK has over 150 universities and equivalent institutions to choose from, so you’ll need a strategic and planned approach to identifying the right provider for you.

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Work out your priorities

Every student will have a unique set of priorities and it’s vital to work out your own, rather than listening to what other people are looking for. Here is a list of some key factors to consider:

What you want from the qualification itself

Some students want prestige and others want a flexible qualification that allows them to specialise in certain areas of interest. Other courses have an industrial placement built into them so that you can focus on employability. Some will offer overseas study. The main qualification-based considerations for students tend to be academic prestige, the flexibility and applicability of the course and the practical placement opportunities. Other students will be interested in the broader educational experience and will be looking for a course structure that most closely matches their personal interests, especially if they are learning for enjoyment, rather than to secure a postgraduate role.

How are your finances?

Students will also need to think about their finances and the implications of studying at different institutions. There will be different costs of tuition and varied costs of accommodation and living costs. For example, student accommodation in Huddersfield will naturally be less expensive than in London.

Do you have any existing links?

Some students also want to choose a university which is close to their home or in a familiar location. This can be important if they want to be close to family – perhaps if they plan to work at home for example, or if they plan to work part-time around their studies.

Are you looking for the rounded experience?

Don’t forget the importance of student experience too! Some universities are located perfectly for leisure, music, travel and entertainment and it’s worth factoring this into your final decision, especially if you have a good feeling about a place after visiting it!

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