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As a family we love getting out and being active, whether that is visiting historic sites like Battle Abbey, or castles like the one we saw in Dartmouth. We love the thrills of a rollercoaster like the Dragon at Legoland and the scary dungeons at Warwick Castle.

The boy loves nothing better than hunting for hedgehogs, and taking pictures of the local wildlife. But you just cant beat a lovely bike ride and we have some lovely rides locally, including my favourite one along the prom. So why have we never taken the boy to Center Parcs? That is a very good question, as a boy who loves climbing trees, sports and swimming this would be our ideal family break. This could be our chance to put that right.

Centre Parcs and Tots 100 are looking for 12 family’s to take part in the Center Parcs Family Blogger Club for 2014 and you can find details of how to enter here. Tots 100 members were invited to make a one minute or less video showing how you like to spend time as a family, and after a creative Sunday afternoon last week here is our entry

As you can see we had great fun making our animation and the boy enjoyed making all the puppets and being a film director for the day. We hope you have as much fun making your videos as you have to give it a try and good luck,

Boris has his feelers crossed!

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    1. Thank you, that’s kind of you to say, but don’t give up! as there is room for lots of families on this one and I have enjoyed seeing other peoples ideas. I was worried it didn’t show what we do as a family, but if they need proof I will take a picture of us at the roller disco next week! 😉

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