What is #BetterWithCake?

So what isn’t  #BetterWithCake? Mr Kipling has asked us to find out. We had lots of fun testing situations and here is what we discovered.

Mondays are certainly  #BetterWithCake, and the perfect way to start the week with a Cherry Bakewell my favourite. I would say the other 6 days of the week are also  #BetterWithCake just so they don’t feel left out!

Fencing Friday is certainly a good cake day and one that I wholeheartedly participate in. Somehow it makes up for spending 2 hours in a corridor waiting for my sons fencing lesson to finish and the mums take it in turn to supply the cake, its good to share.

Weekends and Sunday coffee with Bingo Granny is #BetterWithCake, and her favourite is the Viennese Whirl, great with any hot drink, coffee tea or hot chocolate.

We tested out the garden, and in the sunshine it was  #BetterWithCake, although I don’t think even sheltering from the rain could spoil the bright fun colour of a fondant fancy.

Finally we tested out den building, and after all the hard work of sourcing building materials, construction, and finally furnishings, the boy came to the conclusion that Dens are #BetterWithCake too!

dens are

Our experiment finished, we decided that “there really is nothing that cannot be made  #BetterWithCake”

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