Bank Holiday shopping with Morrisons

Being invited to do my Bank holiday shopping with Morrisons, as a #MorrisonsMum with Brit Mums was strangely exciting. Not least because I was given £80 to go and buy whatever I liked. So on Friday I set aside the time to go and experience the new “I’m Cheaper” pricing at my local Morrisons store.

We’ve cut the prices on over a thousand of your favourite products. Not temporary reductions or supermarket smoke and mirrors, these are new every day low prices on the things you buy every week. So you’ll notice the difference with every shop.

I was excited to see if this would indeed be true, and what sort of products would be reduced. Hopefully not just the junk food, but the everyday healthy basics.


I have to say my experience started from the car park, where I was greeted by the parking and trolley attendant, who very cheerfully greeted me and wished me a good day. Buoyant that this was not going to be my normal quick midweek food dash I decided that I needed to experience all that Morrisons have to offer. Armed with my shopping list I set off for the entrance. It was clear from the start that there was a major campaign going on in store, as there were notices, posters and labels from outside the door and inside the store. I had decided as well as my weekly shop I was treating the family to some favourite treats, which would include a roast beef dinner complete with all the trimmings.

morrisons store

Starting in the fruit and veg I was greeted with the usual Morrisons offers and specials, it was lovely to choose some of the boys favourite fruits too. He loves raspberry’s and it was good to see that British strawberries have also just arrived in store. I like Morrisons fruit and veg, there is always a good choice, its fresh and is a good price. I noticed some price reductions here, but they were more evident further into the store.

I love the market street produce, and the fresh pizzas are good value, choosing your favourite toppings is bonus. The chilled cabinet had lots of the new “I’m cheaper” pricing and this continued with the ready meals. I had decided to test out the butchers knowledge of what cut of beef would be best for a roast meal for Sunday. I wasn’t disappointed, as he personally showed me which he would recommend and when he found the shelf empty told me to pop back and he would joint up a piece for me. I don’t normally choose from the butchers, but I will certainly do this again in the future as he was very knowledgeable.

morrisons shopping

Continuing through the store, I saw more pricing, and bought a range of premium and value products to try out. Treats for the boy and Dad M like ginger beer, and for me chocolate coated biscuits. The bakery department in my store is always busy, and this time I couldn’t find a brown loaf. The baker was quick to come to my rescue and happily sliced a fresh loaf for me. The only problem I had in store was locating the croissants, I walked right past them 3 times.

morrisons butchers

On the completion of my shop and before I hit the frozen isle I returned to the butchers where the butcher had prepared two joints of silverside for me to choose from. With a lovely piece of beef for £7.29 I was happy this would feed my family for a couple of meals. Shopping complete, I was interested to see if my costing was going to be about right. My total bill was just under £100, which with a large Sunday roast joint and the luxury bits I would have expected to be right, but after the special offer deductions the bill dropped to £92.57. I would have expected around £120 for this amount of shopping in another supermarket.

So to the meals!

Friday night is always curry night and with a pre prepared curry with two servings, rice, 2 nan and 2 onion baghi at £5.00 this costs just £1.66 per portion. I found mine on the reduced isle, and at £3.49 and plenty for 3 portions this dropped to £1.16 each. complete with ginger beer and the boy was very happy with Fridays dinner.

morrisons curry

Saturday, we had lots of gardening planned, with croissants and fresh raspberries for breakfast, 41p per person. Lunch for the boy was sushi, and I had been promising he could use his kit to see if it was as nice homemade as shop bought. We filled the sushi with smoked salmon, baby peppers and chilli at a cost of £1.07 per serving (not including sushi kit) was good value and something I will do again for the boy as a special treat. Dinner had to be quick and easy as we were late coming in from the garden. Pizza, and salad was lovely with the lettuce the boy has been growing and some more fresh Morrisons produce. I worked out this cost £1.10 per portion as there was enough left for lunch the next day.

morrisons saturday dinner

Sunday, breakfast was the rest of the raspberries and croissants. Lunch was bacon butties with fresh bread and bacon from the butchers counter. I always end up wasting bacon so being able to get the exact amount and for just £1.34 it worked out at just 79p per person great value!

morrisons sunday lunch

The Big Sunday Roast, was completed with a Rhubarb meringue pie, which I had baked from scratch. With all the veg, and roasties there was plenty left for dinner and lunch tomorrow. I costed each portion of out Roast dinner at £1.61 and was surprised at how much we had to eat for this. I would normally buy chicken as its cheaper, but I think beef will be a nice treat from now on. The rhubarb meringue pie cost £1.00 for the pastry, £2.00 for the rhubarb, orange 25p, cornflower 75p, I used homemade strawberry jam, and eggs bought earlier in the week. £4.35 for the whole pie which made 8 portions at 54p each it was a surprising success.

rhubarb pie

If you would like to make your own Rhubarb Meringue her is the recipe

You will need:

Pastry to bake into a base, or pre prepared pastry case.

75g strawberry jam, 600g rhubarb cut to 2cm pieces, 50g of caster sugar for rhubarb, and 175g for the meringue. Zest and juice of an orange, 25g cornflour, 3 large eggs separated.

Cook your rhubarb with sugar zest and half the orange juice. simmer for 10/15 minutes till soft, mix remaining juice and cornflour to past and add, heat and simmer till thickened. Cool the filling and prepare your pastry case by blind baking, and then spread a layer of jam on the base. Now add the rest of the jam, and stir in the egg yolks to the mixture. Bake for 15 minutes in a 170*c oven, meanwhile prepare the egg whites by whisking and adding the sugar slowly until you have soft peaks. spoon over your rhubarb mixture and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden. I found if you cut the pie hot it will disintegrate so is best cut cold.

Monday we spent some time plant shopping with lunch from some of the left overs, and then dinner on the beach, our Bank Holiday weekend was over. Back to the midweek rush of after school clubs and nights out, there will be lots of food left from my shop this week.

monday BBQ

I am very happy that my Morrisons Bank Holiday shop saved me about 10% compared to what I would usually spent. The savings were then used for some treats and luxury foods that I wouldn’t normally buy. I can safely say being a #MorrisonsMum for the weekend has been fun, and I now see my store in a new light. Well done to Morrisons for a friendly, and great value store.

Now if we can just have the side salad back on the café menu I could give you 10/10

Disclaimer, I was asked to shop at Morrisons as a #MorrisonsMum and to spend the £80 which was sent out to me, the opinions remain my own and have not been changed.

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    1. I think I put too much orange zest in so it wasn’t too rhubarb! but a nice change to lemon meringue pie!

    1. Thanks it looked a bit manky when I cut it, but tasted pretty different, I was pleased as I have never done meringue before!

    1. Thanks for visiting, and I enjoyed my shopping experience for #MorrisonsMum I will be back this week, as I just had some vouchers through the post as well! Bonus

    1. My rhubarb didn’t grow, so bought a new plant at the weekend, don’t think we will get anything till next year though!

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