Bananagrams is another of our family favourite games, something we have owned for a while and we get out when we fancy a change from playing Whist.

Bananagrams is a word game, but unlike scrabble you don’t need a board, just a flat surface to play on. The game is a fun zip up banana bag containing 144 letter tiles and instructions. To play the basic game you turn all the tiles face down and choose 21 per player. Shout “Split” to start the game, turning your tiles face up make a mini crossword. The first player to use up all the letter says “Peel” and everyone takes an additional tile. The game carries on until there are less tiles than players, the winner is the player to use all the letters up and shout “Bananas”. If you get a letter you don’t like you can return to the middle saying “Dump” but you then take 3 tiles to replace this.

We have found this a very adaptable game which can help the boy with his spelling. words can be long or short, and challenges can be made if other players spell words incorrectly. We like to agree our rules to start as this saves arguments later on! There are some adapted versions of the game called Café and smoothie, and we like to make other games up using the tiles. Our favourite is to take turns adding one word to a giant letter maze. The winner being the person to use up all their letters.

Bananagrams is a fun game for all ages and is a favourite of Granny’s because she was crowned West Sussex scrabble champion a few years back we had no chance of beating her!

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