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Over Christmas we were sent some baking supplies to try from the One Stop Craft Shop. As the name suggests they sell all the craft supplies you could ever need, and also have a great selection of baking tools for use whatever the occasion.

We couldn’t wait to get baking and the Scout Fair seemed the ideal place to start.
Our box of goodies contained a pack of icing stickers, these had a Christmas theme with Santa and snowmen. I have never used these before, they were very easy and effective way to decorate our home-made cakes. The boy was very pleased with his efforts and found the pre printed icing stickers easy to handle and place on the cakes. Plus they not only looked good but tasted pretty nice too.

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We were also sent a Wilton festive roller cutter at £6.75 which we used to make some festive icing shapes. This cutter has 5 different cutting shapes and could also be used to make small festive cookies. You can easily remove the cutters from the handy wheel in order to just make one, or roll along happily for speedy shape cutting!

The final item in our goodie box was a family of Wilton gingerbread family cutters, at £4.75. We had the most fun with these, practicing our gingerbread recipe ready for our gingerbread house. We decided to make gingerbread fencers. With a slight adaptation to how we cut each figure making one arm longer to hold a sword.  The boy and I had great fun, and ended  making over 60 gingerbread biscuits. We made a selection of fencers, spectators and parents, which the fencing club members were very impressed with.

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I was very impressed with the quality of all the baking supplies we were sent, at very reasonable prices. With an impressive range of baking goods as well as crafts on their website I will be investing in a few more fun baking goods in the future.

Disclaimer we were went a sample of goods for review the opinions remain ours and have been unchanged.

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    1. It was great fun and very easy for little hands to use. The cakes all went so they must have looked good. (the bad ones always go to the mums at the end of the fair!)

    1. We really enjoyed making and icing them, felt quite adventurous! I have a dragon cutter now so will be making mini soup dragons!

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