Are You and Your Family Getting the Best Sleep?

Are You and Your Family Getting the Best Sleep?

We spend over a third of our lives asleep and that’s just basing it on the 8 hours average sleep most adults get every night. So, surely it makes sense to ensure your bedroom offers the ultimate comfort to provide you with a good night’s sleep, every night. While comfort and relaxing surroundings are a necessity for a creating a cosy night-time space, there are a few changes to make in the bedroom which will guarantee a peaceful night’s rest and ensure you and your family are recharged for the day ahead.

Removing Blue Light

Now you may be wondering, “how many people have blue lights in their home?”. Well, the type of blue light talked about here doesn’t come from the bulbs we typically have in our homes to light up rooms.
Blue light is emitted from the screens of electrical devices, for instance; Televisions, smartphones and computer screens to name a few. It is a frequency of light that keeps your brain awake and your eyes alert and if you use devices up until bedtime, you may find that you struggle to fall asleep. In an ideal world, the amount of blue light we are exposed to would gradually decrease over the evening, boosting melatonin levels in our body and helping us fall asleep. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the body that contributes to our feeling sleepy and in combination with serotonin and cortisol helps us regulate our sleep patterns and get a good night’s rest.

Make It Cosy

Temperatures can be difficult to get right in the bedroom, especially as feeling hot or cold can contribute to restless sleep and make it difficult to drop off. In the evening, your body reaches its peak temperature of the day and cools back down overnight as you sleep. To combat temperatures interfering with your rest, set thermostats to a lower setting of between 16-18 degrees C, you can always add an extra blanket to warm up when you’ve just got into bed, especially in the colder months.
Concentrate on Comfort
There’s nothing worse than getting out of an old, inefficient bed and feeling stiff and sore throughout the day. You want to make sure your bed is as comfortable as you can afford to get the best rest possible and that your mattress offers enough space for either you or both you and your partner to sleep peacefully without interruption. Think about the last time you stayed overnight at a luxury wedding venue or hotel and the type of mattress you slept on, was it soft or hard, did you have a good night sleep or did you wake up sore?

Clear the Clutter

A cluttered room prevents good airflow which can lead to disturbed sleep, you might not wake up during the night, but you’ll feel the effect of it in the morning and throughout your day. Keep the bedroom tidy and spaces under the bed clear to encourage air circulation around your mattress, this is important as your mattress can collect a lot of moisture overnight while you sleep. Keeping a tidy room also reduces the amount of dust that can collect on surfaces, this can help with asthma and allergy sufferers in particular.

Move the Bed

External walls don’t hold the heat as well as internal ones although there are ways to insulate them to increase the amount of heat trapped inside. If you have your bed against an external wall that gets cold overnight or during the winter, either move your bed away from the wall to a more central position or sleep with your head away from the wall. Sleeping with your head near to a cold wall can cause a stiff neck and aching shoulders.
A good night’s sleep is essential to living a healthy lifestyle and constantly disrupted or a lack of sleep can put at risk of illnesses and stresses to our mental health. Make sure your bedroom is a place you feel comfortable and don’t forget to remove pesky blue light appliances like TVs!

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