#ACEforSchool Challenge – review

ACE have challenged us and stains for the #ACEforSchool Challenge. 

September is time to go back to school, and if your children are anything like the boy that means a big pile of school washing. Each time he goes back I forget the first week that he will need a clean shirt on the Monday and have to do a panic wash. Ace have been helping me for years to get my son school ready so I was up for the challenge.

Washing my sons uniform has evolved over the years. In infant school most of the stains on the trousers were grass, with paint and food on the shirts. ACE for colours is a reliable way to get rid of all these stains. A quick squirt and a quick wash I found that the clothes were bright and fresh. Moving onto Junior school and now more grass stains, mud and added sweat. I do like a crisp white shirt, and don’t like having to wash more than once to get a stain out. I find that a half hour delay on the washing machine timer is enough time for the Ace magic to do its thing.

So now to Senior school and ACE are still working hard to remove the everyday dirt and sweat from the white school shirts. While ACE for colours is added to my mixed washes to remove the stains from the trousers. I am not sure what the boy does to the collars of the shirts but sometimes I think he may have been through some sort of assault course in his lunch break. The colour they come back is quite frankly gross. Sometimes I even get an ink challenge from the boy. Who has discovered taking pens apart is fun. I will confess I did get out my ACE for whites for this challenge, and despite the fact the black ink had been on the shirt all day. A drop of the ACE magic and the shirt looked as good as new.

Finally there is the dreaded sports kit. Yes you know the one that has been through a few weeks of Rugby only to be returned complete with grass and that stale locker smell. My sons kit is also red in colour so not something I can bleach. I am always impressed with just a quick squirt of Ace for stains. Adding Ace for colours to the pre-wash and a few minutes soaking, the stains all disappear like magic. The boy may have grown older and his adventures have changed, but over the years the stains still come home. I am tasked with sending him back to school looking respectable and hopefully with a little Ace help he will look smart, well at least on a Monday morning!

This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEforSchool Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. http://www.acecleanuk.co.uk/ or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.


Disclaimer, we were sent this products for review and the words remain our own. #review #notpaid


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  1. My littlest boy is the worst, his white polos for nursery come home like he’s been digging in mud and slime every day! Using the half hour delay on the washer as a pre-soak is a genius idea!

  2. I use all of these products too! They do what they promise to do and a so much cheaper than other brands of washing detergents!

  3. I have not tried Ace before but sounds perfect for my son’s white school tops that he always manages to something on

  4. Not tried Ace but it sounds great – would be very handy for my kids uniforms – they are are so hard to keep clean!

  5. I’ve not tried ACE products before but my son’s clothes can often come home very dirty so will be giving it a try!

  6. Getting children’ clothes clean can be a nightmare. My eldest son had sensitive skin so I was limited to what I could use.

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