Push has gone!

Push has gone and this has made me very sad, infact the whole family are a little sad about Push leaving. I can all hear you saying that I have gone a little mad! well yes in a way I have mad at Disney for removing one of the quirky little pieces of magic from the Magic Kingdom.

When I saw the first rumours of this iconic little trash can due to be axed, I didn’t want to believe it and at the time I didn’t know his name was Push. After a couple of days the rumours were denied by Disney who said they had no foundation and that Push would continue to entertain family’s in his Tommorowland residence.

For those of us luck enough to have visited Disney World In Florida and meat Push, he will remain a truly magical character. Not that he has stared in any film, or appeared on tv. He has still entertained us, I will remember the look on the boys face when Push first talked to the boy. The boy was 4 1/2 when we went the first time, we had had awful bad luck with the weather, and this particular day it was dry. We were eating a snack and as you do pop your trash in the bin. This is something the boy toddled off to do, so when the bin started chatting to him and said thank you, you can imagine the look. In all of the 6 visits I have made this was the first time we had met Push, and we sat for some time watching his antics as he lay in wait for unsuspecting passers by. I was looking forward to our visit in October, and hoped our paths would cross, but it seems that Disney may have decided otherwise.

There are campaigns on the internet of course, but I think this little bit of magic will be resigned to the hearts of those who were privileged enough to meet Push on their holidays. Push is a special Trash can who will be thought of fondly by all that met him!

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    1. I keep reading conflicting stories! I will investigate in Oct and let you know if he is still there. Having said that we only met him the once, and that is in 6 visits!

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