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I have been enjoying joining in with Flashback Friday for the past few weeks and this weeks picture was one I came across while looking for something else in one of my Photo files. It makes me smile each time I see it for so many reasons. The first is the cheeky grin, but when you see the other photos with it you realise that he was being instructed by the photographer so that she could get him to pose in a certain way.

Ok, so the story behind the picture is that we were on the boys first trip to Florida, one we had been planning since I was pregnant, so 5 years. One we had dreamt about, and just couldn’t wait. We were married in Florida and have been lucky at this point to be making trip number 4 to Disney.

So the weather, well imaging the weather we have just been having with rain and storms every 4 days, water ankle-deep and constant for over 10 hours each day! Not what you expect in Florida, and not the holiday we were expecting. This picture is special then for two reasons the first, its wasnt raining when it was taken. The second it was Mothers Day (in the UK) not the US and my boy, and Hubby had a special treat meal booked.

disney florida

This is Main Street with Cinderella’s Castle, and the boy who loved shirts and ties is in my favourite of his outfits, which I bought for him at Christmas. He posed so well for each of the shots, and we had no clue what she was up too. This was our first experience of some of the special effects they add to your pictures.

Tinkerbell!! Yes the boy was less than impressed, “She’s a fairy!” “I wasn’t holding her!” but she is in the picture and then 4 1/2 he couldn’t work out quite how she got there!

Priceless moment, and with just 200 days till visit number 6 for us 3 for the boy, one of the things I will be booking in advance is my Disney Photo pass. just for the moments like this that I get to keep forever.

mummy mishaps

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