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OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelette Turner is a handy tool and the one you look at and think, “I don’t need that!” It is also a tool that once you have it you think, how did I do things without it! We used ours for pancake day and as I don’t trust that I will be able to flip a pancake without it landing on the floor, this came in very useful. I did find that the large size of the Flip and Fold a bit awkward at first, but after getting used to it was easy to prepare lots of steaming hot pancakes.

I also tried the OXO Flip and Fold on a cheese omelette, one of my quick and easy midweek meals. One I like usually have to cook the top side under the grill. Using the OXO Flip and fold I found it easy to slide under and flip over to cook the second side of my omelette to perfection. The OXO Flip and fold is also dishwasher safe, and heat-resistant up to 600*c so wont melt.

The Flip and Fold Omelet Turner is just one of a range of tools available from the OXO Good Grips range available from most retail stores, supermarkets and online and can be bought for RRP £8.00. With flexible edges it is easy to slip under the omelette while cooking to either flip and cook the other side or fold in your favourite filling.


Disclaimer we were sent the OXO Good grips Omelette Turner to try the opinions remain our own.


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