The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is the latest in a series of Galt Mini Masterpieces to inspire children to look at famous painting, and create new masterpieces of their own.

We were sent a Galt Sponge Painting kit to start us off, but the boy had ideas of his own on how to approach decorating his template. We started by downloading and printing off a copy off The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. This picture sparkles like a thousand jewels and the boy wanted to use his imagination to make the picture as colourful as possible.the kiss

I didn’t show him the original as I didn’t want him to simply copy the painting. So the transformation began. The boy loves to make his creations in pencil, and very occasionally coloured pencil, this time he chose loom bands. These colourful rubber bands lent themselves well to the brightness needed for The Kiss. The boy is fairly fast at weaving these rubber bands together and soon had a band long enough to fill the cloak.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

While I popped off to finish dinner, he continued to fill the picture with different colours for the hair and faces, and said he was very pleased with his finished artwork. I will confess he is not as arty as I had hoped, he does like a craft or two, and loom bands are his thing at the moment. He has never been much for painting, although he has been enjoying it a bit more now with his school projects. Hopefully the Galt Minimasterpieces might have inspired him to create something different, and we cant wait to see what the painting will be over the summer holidays.

The Kiss Gustav Klimt

If you would like to join in the Galt Mini Masterpiece this month you have until 21st July to download and submit your child’s handy work. There is a new famous piece each month so why not have a go with your children. You never know your little Picasso might win a bundle of Galt art and craft goodies for their efforts.

Disclaimer we were sent a pack of painting materials in return for post.

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  1. That looks great! What a different idea. Love that he has used loom bands – maybe he is more arty than you think!

    1. I don’t think he is that arty, but he does try, an I think models are more his thing! Loom bands are now everywhere in the house. I think I might be fed up of them by the end of the summer!

    1. Sometimes its hard to get my boy to get the paints out, as someone who loves crafts and all things arty, I find it difficult to understand. The loom bands are the nearest he will go at the moment, but I might get him painting again over the summer, I have plans!

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