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Camel Up is another award-winning game distributed by Esdevium, suitable for ages 8+, 2-8 players and RRP £24.99. This is a fun betting game for all the family, and has already become a family favourite.

The box contains a board, rules, 5 coloured camel counters and matching dice. 40 race betting cards, 8 desert tiles, 15 leg betting cards, 5 pyramid tiles and a selection of coins and notes. There is a small amount of construction needed for the pyramid which is used to shake the race dice, but this is easy and takes no time to make. I love that with Camel up they have thought about how you store the pieces and the box comes with zip lock bags for the smaller pieces for after you have opened packets of cards.

camel up

Camel up is a game that is fun to set up, the board has a town for the betting part of the game and a track for racing the camels. The set up for the game takes a while to work out, and I have taken to reading through game instructions a day before embarking on a new game. This way it saves the frustration of the boy wanting to play straight away. We were very soon getting stuck into learning how to play camel up, and working out our strategy’s. Once you have laid out all the pyramid, and betting tiles. Given each player a starting kitty of 3 Egyptian pounds, 5 betting cards and a desert tile it is time to set up the camels.

camel up pyramid

We love the pyramid dice shaker and you store the coloured dice inside for the game, but first shake all the dice to find out where the camels are going to start. The fun part of the game is stacking the camels. If a camel lands on another he goes at the top, and becomes a unit meaning that he moves with the camel below. The object of the game is to bet on the winning camel and make as much money as you can. This sounds simple but there is plenty to think of, and once we had tried the game a few times found that you had to take a few risks in how you bet.

On each turn of Camel up you have four options, first to take a betting tile on which coloured camel you think might win the leg. Betting on the overall winner. You could place your desert tile on the board or move it to help boost a camel to the winning line or stop him in his tracks. Or your other option is to take a pyramid tile and shake and release a dice from the pyramid. The rules are far more comprehensive and once you have played the game through are easier to understand. Camel up is basically played in sections legs with each player taking turns until the last dice is released. The bets are all paid out, and moneys won and lost. We found each game was made up of about 4 or five legs and took about half an hour to play.

camel up game

The game ends when the first camel crosses the finish line. The game stops monies are paid and the overall winners and looser are paid out. This we found was where it was worth taking an early risk on which coloured camel might make it to the finish line. Camel Up is a great family game and one that we have played with granny too. We found the boy doesn’t like to take risks and Dad dragon does! This means that out of the last 4 games we played Dad has lost quite badly including going into minus coins! The boy likes Camel up, working out how staking the camels and moving them and which ones still have to move in relation to the coloured dice. At first glance Camel up may seem a little straightforward or even dull, but we can see why it already has won awards, and has become an evening favourite.

If you would like to play Camel up with your family  this summer then have a look at my affiliate link below visit the Esdevium website for stockists or enter my gleam giveaway using the app below.



Camel Up

Disclaimer we were sent this game in return for an honest review.

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  1. Camels would be pretty fun, but if we ignore real life and could choose any animal, it’d probably be fishes!

  2. I’m not really into racing, so it would have to be a short race, I think I’ll choose a tortoise because I know I’ll win!

  3. Would have to be a Penguin (if that counts as an animal rather than a bird!) I love the way they waddle about, so cute and entertaining! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Amazing giveaway! 🙂

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