BMW giveaway

Yes today I am giving you the chance to win your very own BMW! Oh how I wish it was a full size one, as I think it might prove very popular. But it is still a real BMW and will cost far less to run and maintain!

BMW toy racer

This is your chance to win a BMW ride on for children aged 1 1/2 to 3 this is the perfect black sporty little number, with rubber tyres and padded seat it is just like real thing. To enter simply complete the gleam app below, and don’t forget to comment.

BMW Giveaway

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Terms & Conditions:

The giveaway is open to the UK only
  • It is mandatory to leave a comment in the post comment section answering the question specified. Other tasks completed will gain additional entries. The winner will be checked to make sure they have both left a comment and completed the task for the winning entry.
  • Winner will be drawn by randomly after the competition closes at 23:59 on 1st December 2014
  • The winner will be sent an  e-mail to the e-mail address left at time of entry. The winner will need to reply to the e-mail within 7 days of the notification. Every effort will be made to contact the winner, but if no response is made within the 7 days a new winner will be chosen.
  • The prize details are stated at the top of the giveaway, and no alternatives will be offered.
  • The prize will be posted by the promoter, unfortunately I cannot be held responsible or replace missing parcels. Please contact me if there is a problem.
  • Please alow 28 days from notification for your prize to be sent out.
  • This competition is listed at: Win competitions at and SuperLucky


Disclaimer this is a sponsored giveaway



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  2. I have always wanted a mini cooper convertible in purple , hubby said there to small , well they used to be , there alot bigger now , i always put it on my christmas list , one day i will have one

  3. A Black Peugeot Convertible, I just think they look so stylish and would love to drive around with the roof down in Summer x

  4. I would love a brand new people carrier as although we don’t really need so many seats everyday anymore it would still come in useful so we could take the grandchildren out with us too x

  5. A 1950s looking car with tail fins (impractical, but if I had the money to just go buy a new car, I doubt I’d be too bothered about that!)

  6. A BMW please, top of the range of course and black……instead of my I10, which is lovely, but doesn’t really have the kerb appeal of a BMW

  7. I would buy a Honda 4×4 I have a 14 year old Honda at the moment and its so reliable i would definately love a new one!

  8. I would love a range rover i think they look classy and look so comfortable to fit the whole family in and feel completely save,

  9. The new Subaru WRX STi which is my husbands dream car as I cant take anymore of listening about how much he wants one!

  10. I would buy a car that is capable of pulling our caravan so probably a Volvo V70 Estate if i’m being practical but really I would want an Aston Martin db9

  11. Something big with lots of seats for 4 kids & 2 adults with in car entertainment in it i.e dvd players in back seats, cup holders etc lol & of course a big boot. My son would really love this

  12. I have always wanted a Dodge pickup truck. Ever since I was a teenager I have been obsessed! They obviously cost a lot so its unrealistic!

  13. I wouldn’t be able to buy a brand new one but my dream car would be a 1960s Mini. No radio (there’s no point anyway, there’s no way I’d hear it!), windy down front windows and those ones that flipped open an inch at the back. Oh, and a year’s membership of the AA!

  14. a yellow bubble style(shaped) car- i wanna tweety mobile all kitted out with tweety seat covers ect and twitter eyes n eye lashes on the front of the car 😀

  15. It would have to be a family friendly car, as there are 5 of us, plus a buggy, to fit in. I have a CMax Grand which does the job perfectly, so I’d just like a newer, cleaner one without any scratches!

  16. I would buy the little smartcar love the zippy little compact car just get in and you can go near enough anywhere in it parkingwould be a doddle too

  17. Tesla electric car. A-ma-ziiing. Have you seen them? It’s just fantastic. Super expensive but beyond environmentally friendly much more so than usual electric cars and it looks super cool too.

  18. If I was being practical, a Volvo, in an impractical mood I’d love a Jaguar (though not a new one), a classic E type

  19. A Range Rover, so I could cope with the terrible potholes in the roads and be safe in whatever weather comes my way, all in luxury

  20. If money was no object it would have to be a Porsche. I might convince my partner to get it painted purple but I don’t think he’d be too happy/

  21. I would never buy myself a brand new car, i prefer something lived in with a bit of character, my dream would be an ex military landrover that i can spend hours tinkering with xxx

  22. has to be a ford galaxy so plenty of room for us and our kids, nanny when she visits and then we could get a dog too 😉 xx

  23. I’ve always wanted a cute little Mini Cooper, a cream and black one. Trouble is, I use a wheelchair and it wouldn’t fit in so have to drive a big car.

  24. I would love to find a good looking minibus. Possibly an impossible task, but with baby 6 on the way, there’s nothing else for it

  25. Used to want a Ferarri but now that I have kids any people carrier would be great to carry them and their friends around

  26. If I could have any it would be an Aston Martin DB9 as I fell in love with it in Casino Royal and to think they trashed about 9 of them with the filming!!

  27. Would love one a mini but being practical a good sturdy safe roomy car for transporting precious little bundles would be the job,

  28. I’d choose something eco friendly, but my husband would get final decision #7 he’d pick something big, fast, sleek & loud!

  29. A Mini Cooper. I dread trying to park my Zafira in some car parks but a mini would be so much easier. I have had many cars but never had a mini. I especially fancy the Cooper for it’s performance.

  30. Would love a baby BMW for ny grand daughter and a real one for me to visit in they live 300 miles away and would love a luxurious motor to travel in

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