Yuck! Gross! Activities

Yuck! Gross! Activities is the latest book which Parragon have sent us, and for all mucky kids is a great read. From horrible doodles to puzzles, colouring and activities there is something for everyone.
The boy enjoyed looking through the creepy mazes, he like to do these now without a pencil, he says he is the master! With 187 pages full of great colour pages this is not a small book and Retails at £10.00. I love the added gloopy cutout across the top making the pages wavy. This book would defiantly stand out from the crowd! The pages are made from good quality paper and wont get all soggy when you get the pens out. The illustrations are great fun, and this book is not like the colouring in I remember as a child. I love the coloured pages, and the boys favourite is the “How to draw a Zombie” page. He is getting rather too good at impersonating them to be honest!

I think the puzzles in this book are a good mix, and would suit children ages 5+there was nothing to difficult that the boy (8) couldn’t complete, and while he is not to keen on colouring at the moment I caught him going back to a couple of the pages he quite liked.

We didn’t get our copy in time for Halloween, but monsters should be for all year round so we think you should have slime and monsters at Christmas too. We give this book a slimy 5/5 with lots of gross fun.


Disclaimer we were sent a copy of this book as part of Paragon’s Book Buddy’s, the opinions are ours and have not been changed.

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