What are you doing for World Book Day?

This Thursday 6 March is World Book Day, and schools, libraries and more will be getting busy celebrating books and raising funds and awareness for Book Aid International.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, even if you haven’t entered one of the giveaways, chances are that you’re a big fan of books.

But sadly in some other countries, such as those in sub-Saharan Africa, books are not in such plentiful supply – meaning that communities don’t have access to the information, imagination and inspiration that we take so much for granted.
That’s why Book Aid International sends over half a million books each year to mobile libraries, universities, schools, hospitals and more to change the lives of children and adults in 12 African countries.
Each individual book goes on a long journey towards making a difference:

And it’s because we want more of these books to go on that journey that we ask people to do something for World Book Day. From reading to quizzes to parties and more, there are plenty of ideas for you to try.
What will you be up to on World Book Day?​

Thank you to Book Aid international for this guest post, I have enjoyed finding out more about the journey of books, and how they can help people in other coutries not just our own.

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