Steve Backshall Deadly 60 Diaries.

The next of our Orion star books is Steve Backshals Deadly 60 Diaries

Our copy is a hardback book with facts based on the BBC TV series and costs £12.99, paperback £7.99
It’s great to see a book where they have thought about the font, this is a lovely clear font in a large size that should be easy for children to read on their own. The boy has enjoyed picking out his favourite countries and animals and reading about them. This is not the sort of book that you need to read from cover to cover which is great for reluctant readers to dip in and out. I loved the amazing pictures, a great mixture from behind the scenes as well as those of the deadly animals. The boy has bookmarked the Komodo Dragon as one of his favourites, taking the book into school for all his friends to look at.

I asked him what he thought of the book and he said

It’s a great book if you like Deadly 60, it has pages from each of the programmes. Some of them I had seen on TV and some I hadn’t. My friends liked looking at this book, but only the ones who watch it on TV because the others might be a bit scared!

I think this book is great for all Deadly 60 and wildlife fans, and would make a lovely gift and will defiantly have a place in our top 60!

we give this book 5/5

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Thanks to The Orion Stars e-Blogger newsletter we were sent a selection of books to review, the opinions remain ours!

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    1. 🙂 Yes we don’t do pink and girly inn this house, although secretly sometime I wish we did!

  1. Eeek! Beasties and stuff like that freak me out. I don’t know how these people can go out looking for them.

    1. I don’t mind reading about them, But I don’t think I want to meet very many of them!

  2. I do think it’s so important to find books which stimulate boys’ interest in reading, this sounds like the perfect book for older boys to keep them reading.

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