Robotslayer by Vincent Kamp

Robotslayer is the first book by Vincent Kamp with characters based on members of his family, and storytelling with his sons, he has developed what was once a bedtime story into a great comic style book. Available now from Amazon for £7.99. The story tells the tale of hero Leo and his trusty sidekick Benny.

Some of my fondest memories of my Nan when I was small are of the wonderful stories made up by her each night before bed. Ok mine were stories of potatoes and mice, but they stick in my mind. To see that Vince has taken the step of taking his imagined stories to print made me want to read the story more.

With spectacular images, Robotslayer tells the tale of Leo, left in the city of Robotolis after the people have fled from the deserted city. The evil Dr Grububble kidnaps Leo’s trusty sidekick Benny Bing Bong, to help him develop his evil plan. Leo turns to Opa to help him bring back Benny and save the city by turning into the Robotslayer.

This book is dark and powerfully illustrated, a great book for encouraging boys to read. With comic book style writing, short bursts of text can be less intimidating than whole pages of words. With boys struggling more than girls to become fluent readers this book would be a great way to encourage them. With lots of ka-pow and action this book is great, but will there be a happy ending and what will happen to the robots?

You can find out more about the story behind the book Robotslayer on Vince Kamp’s website, where you can also find out about the downloadable app for I-pad.

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  1. Yes, my story was based on the Three Billy Goats gruff and I told of ducks who had to cross over a stream, where a big bad piranah fish lived lol! (I regretted telling them that story though as it gave my youngest daughter nightmares!)

  2. No not yet as I’ve not got a very good imagination so its easier to read a book. I have altered the names to my kids names while reading tho.

  3. Yes we have lots of fun doing this it usually involves castles and fairys and big brothers being locked in the dungeon hee hee

  4. No. Though we do love to read the children bedtime stories etc. The children love us changing tone of voice, mimicking characters in the stories.

  5. I made up a story of looking after a family of bears whilst their mum and dad went out to get them some food!

    By the way, Over 40 and a Mum to One sent me!

  6. over 40 mum of sent me, I have made up a couple of tales usually about things being lost and they need to be found and recovered, usually before the morning lol!

  7. yeah it was about a forest and choosing which way to go and and then to choose which door to go through that was built into three big trees

  8. I once told my little girl a story about a little girl with her name who was naughty and woudnt go to sleep 😉 she told me it was a rubbish story, the little girl wasn’t naghty and to read her a book instead lol

  9. yes i have from my kids being very little and it always involved them and a tree and lots of magic and different magic places. having dyslexia it was way easier to do this than read a book unfortunately :-s (p.s i use spell check alot and go with what looks ok, lol)

  10. Not made any up but when I get tired I tend to just go with the flow and her story books tend to have different endings each time.

  11. No, I can’t remember ever making up a bedtime story! My mum used to make them up for me though, and I really enjoyed them 🙂 I much prefer reading a book to my dd 🙂

  12. Yes! It was about a little boy who made friends with a worm and then lost him in the garden, and made hundreds of mud pies to try and find him again 🙂 he loved it x

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