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Robot City Adventures are a series of comic style books from Templar Publishing, there are currently 7 books available and we were sent four titles to have a look at. These Robot City Adventures by Paul Collicutt are called, City in Peril, Rust Attack, Murder on the Robot City Express and The Indestructible Metal men. The RRP for these books starts at £5.99, and I think are good value for money. Have a look at the Robot City Website for more information on the books and a father cool introduction!

As you might expect the illustrations for the Robot City books are dark and action packed, with matt paper that feels just like a retro comic. The covers however are brought to life with exciting holographic metallic illustrations that shine out at you from the front covers.

The stories tell of heroic robots, that work alongside there human counterparts in Robot City. We started by reading City in Peril the first book in the series. City in Peril starts with the Coastguard robot Curtis setting out to help the stricken oil rig Red Star 3. After rescuing the men and robots Curtis goes on to put out the fire raging on the rig before returning everyone safely to the city. This is not the end of the excitement as Curtis goes on to battle an eight tentacled se monster before returning harmony to Robot City.

The books are a great way to get children to read as they are less threatening than a whole white page full of words. The only thing I noticed was like comic books the text is all in capitals, in the past the boy has struggled with this as he was learning to read, but is confident now to read these fairly easily. For this reason I would say older readers will enjoy these a lot, and the boy thinks they are great as they are full of adventure. I felt that these books had a lovely moral to them, with everyone working together to look after everyone who lives in the city. The robots certainly seem to have very humanistic traits, as well as names.

If you would like more information on where you can get hold of a copy of the books, to download some great wallpapers, or just want to look at the robots in more detail visit the Robot City Website. We enjoyed reading about the different robots of Robot City, and as the last of my #WorldBookDay giveaways we are pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win these four titles woth RRP £25.96. Simply complete the rafflecopter below and keep your fingers crossed!

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Disclaimer we were sent these books to review and keep the opinions are our own and have not been altered.
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  1. I would love to be a robot nanny for Prince George so I could travel the world with him and Kate and William!

  2. Oooo – tough question! Quite an easy one for me to answer at the moment though, I would have to have about eight, maybe ten, pairs of hands (perhaps on those long tentacle type arms, so that I could reach several different tasks at once – am I getting a bit carried away?!) so that I could actually get done everything that needs to be done!

  3. I would be a coffee machine in an office listening to all the gossip then broadcast it to the world, ahahahahaha! 😉

  4. I would be a speed of lightning robot and be able to clean the house at the blink of an eye and then relax and eat chocolate on the sofa 😉

  5. Id be a finances robot using my amazing mathematical robot brain to find the best deals and cheapest prices to make our money go further 😀 Im already good but theres always room for improvement 😉

  6. I would be a floor sweeper. I’d pick up rubbish and put things in their correct places. I think I’m already a robot in this house with that description!

  7. Mum and Housewife………… to balance baby and housework with 2 hands rather than 1! 🙂

  8. I would love to be a robot shopper – so I could get around all the shops I love in one day with my super speedy legs and be a super strong robot so no matter how much I bought my arms and hands wouldn’t get full and tired!

  9. Too late to enter but these look fab. My 7yr old is a keen reader and enjoys chunky chapter books but like his mum and dad is a bit of a sci-fi / fantasy geek too and comics come with the territory 🙂

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