Packing for Hospital

Packing for hospital is just like packing for a holiday. Ok so the destination may not be quite so exciting, but the boy was actually looking forward to it, me? not so much. I had been stock piling a few of the boys favourite things, as well as some new items for review, to keep him interested, I didn’t want to hear “I’m bored!”. So here are a few of our recommendations, and a few surprise finds of our brief stay.



Yes we have lots of books, and they are defiantly in the case. The boy chose to take his current reading book which is Mr Stink by David Walliams, RRP £6.99 This is the 4th of David’s books that we have read, and I can thoroughly recommend them all. Gangsta Granny has a tough ending, and one the boy wasn’t quite ready for so if you have a younger child or one who is a little sensitive, this may be one to leave till they are older. Billionaire boy, and The Boy in the Dress are proper laugh out loud, the characters are brought to life in amazing detail, repeating characters common to all the books are fun to spot. We have a soft spot for Raj the shopkeeper, and the toilet roll puns!

Joe and the race to Rescue by Victoria Eveleigh is a Orion book that the boy chose, RRP £5.99 it is a different story to one he would normally chose, but I think he liked the look of the cover. This book is one for all animal lovers and while I know girls enjoy pony books, I will be encouraging the boy to enjoy different books. This way he can decide what he likes and doesn’t like.

When his family’s farm floods, Joe comes to the rescue with the help of two brave Shire horses, in the final instalment in the brand new pony trilogy from Victoria Eveleigh, author of the Katy’s Ponies series.

The Quirks in circus Quirks by Erin Soderberg from Bloomsbury RRP £5.99, looks like another good fun read. This story tells the tale of a family, but no ordinary family as the title might imply.

The Quirks are a rather special family with rather magical powers and, sometimes, when the Quirks are involved things don’t quite go to plan!


This is Erin’s first book for children aged 7-9 and is packed with the type of adventure you need to keep this age group of children interested. A book packed full of family life with a smattering of huge, hairy, twisted, sticky secrets! I think the boy will enjoy this book as it is based in small town America it will open up some new topics of discussion.



We took a selection of puzzle books, including a new Deadly 60 Activity book from Orion books. Priced at RRP £4.99 and with lots of interesting facts and puzzles, full colour pictures, this will always be a winner with both Deadly 60 fans and puzzle fanatics.

I bought myself a mixed puzzle book, and it has been a long time since I have enjoyed some quiet time to sit and just think. I was looking forward to doing a couple of Sudoku, and was surprised that the boy wanted to join in and help. It turned out he understands the process of thinking behind Sudoku and was disappointed there went any in his comic. Bingo Granny had bought the boy a magazine called Adventure Time and a huge flower pen, she wanted to keep him occupied while he was away from home and the free toy that came with the magazine was a kit as it fired small plastic discs. I’m sure it wont be a long-lasting toy, but boys seem to really enjoy this kind of thing! These types of magazines are perfect for holidays, as you wont need to bring a whole library with you!



Game number one to come with us was of course Dobble, RRP £12.99 (if you are quick you still have the chance to win the game here) This is such an easy and fun game, and the boy was quick to encourage both Dad M and his new friend O to join in with a few games. Having this game in a tin means it was easy to pack and you wont end up with a tatty crushed box at the end of your trip.

We also packed Brain Box Maths by Green Games RRP £12.99, this was something Santa had invested in for Christmas and a way to encourage the boy to think about all sorts of different maths problems I knew it would be a hit. We were sent Inventions Brain Box game last year and enjoyed the easy to follow concept of memorizing the information on a card then being asked a question to see how much you can remember. The boy challenged his friend O to a game, and was surprised when he was beaten. (He isn’t used to loosing well, and this went down badly) I do think this game will be one we enjoy though as it has some interesting facts and is well-balanced for adults to play with all ages of children.


fruit bowl snacks

Finally packing food, OK! I knew that the food in hospital would be ok for the boy as he is used to eating pretty much everything. I would have to fend for myself, but having a few handy snacks for in-between times is always a good idea. Whether you are packing for a day out or a week away I think both fun and healthy snacks are a must.

Luckily Fruit Bowl came to our rescue. This is a brand I have been buying for the boys lunch for a long time now, and we particularly enjoy the yoghurt covered fruit flakes. As a mum I like to try and choose more healthy snacks and will choose these or cereal bars. We were very excited to see the New Sea Shapes and Jungle Animals, these are little gems of the snack world and are now a firm favourite of everyone in the family. They have the amazing fruit flavour of a sweet and as one of your five a day with no added sugar, are a better option.

Fruit bowl’s new peelers also went down well, the boy was excited to tear these apart, and the Strawberry peeler only lasted seconds from the jiffy bag! Have a look on the website to find out more about which supermarkets are stocking which Fruit Bowl Snack here. And keep your eyes peeled in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for the New Sea and Jungle shapes as they are a big hit!

Disclaimer, we have been sent some of these items for review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.



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    1. We are home now, and will be for the next week. Medicine is now starting to work but not there Yet!

    1. It was ok for a short while, I am just so please we are back home now, although I have been escaping each night!

    1. sounds good, I love these simple games so easy to play anywhere, and we have memory competitions when we are not playing for real.

    1. there were so many toys in the play room that we played there most of the time. I discovered that I am not very good at Trivial Pursuit or Fustration!

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