New Minecraft handbooks

There are two Minecraft handbooks, Combat and Construction, available now for RRP £7.99 from Egmont publishing. As soon as the boy spotted them in Waterstones last week, he didn’t stop talking about them. I was hoping to keep their arrival a surprize for our two weeks at home, but in the end I had to tell him. Each day waiting for the postman was like torture, and after a few problems the box finally arrived.

The boy couldn’t even wait to get the tape of the box he was so excited, and he wasn’t disappointed either. These Minecraft books just like the ones we reviewed earlier in the year, are a Minecraft fan’s dream. Despite the distraction of his favourite TV programme, he was soon nose buried in a copy of the Minecraft Construction book.

Minecraft handbooks

There are now four of these handy sized books, with The beginner’s handbook and redstone being the first two. The combat and construction books follow on from the first, and have a great mix of hints, tips, and visual information. Who am I kidding! I know very little about Minecraft, I know you build things, and I know the boy loves it like lots of other 8 year olds.

minecraft fun

Even I can appreciate that these books are detailed enough and simple enough for anyone to follow. The boy convinced me that we would have to have a go at building together, and if I could work out how to make the x-box do this it would have been a lovely way to spend an afternoon. However, it turned out that the boy would have to build on his own for now. Sparked by all the fantastic buildings from the contruction handbook, he enjoyed his afternoon of creations and made a fantastic castle. Not quite the mansions of the Minecraft construction book, but still pretty impressive.

reading about minecraft

We even found a Minecraft Dragon, and now I know all about what it takes to slay and Ender Dragon! Not that I will be doing anything like that to a fellow dragon. The boy says that these books are “Epic” and didn’t disappoint, despite the wait. Its just a shame he cant use them as part of the school reader scheme, but we will be studying them to use for his cubs readers badge instead.

minecraft construction
These new Minecraft books are a great gift, and one that I think we will be getting the boys cousin for his birthday later in the year. Minecraft handbooks are all available now for RRP £7.99 each, look out for offers, as our local Waterstones was doing buy one get one half price. There are also some great Minecraft days in Waterstone across the country so keep your eyes peeled at your local shop, or on the Egmont Facebook page for more information.

Disclaimer we were sent these books for review and the opinions remain our own.

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    1. I would start with the handbook then as it has a good overview of what you need to do to get started!

    1. Defiantly encourages him to read more, and hopefully we can use it as part of his cubs reading badge. I will confess to having read quite a bit from them too as they are nice and easy to pick up and put down. 😉

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