Minecraft, Beginner’s Handbook

Today sees the release of The Minecraft Beginners Handbook and to celebrate Children’s Book Week we are giving you the chance to win the boys NEW favourite book, from Egmont publishing. Aimed at children aged 9+ and priced at RRP £7.99,  ok, I know last week his favourite was the Minecraft Annual, but this week it is the Minecraft Handbook.

So why does the boy like this book so much, I think it is the love of Minecraft, and the way this beautifully laid out book gives him all the information he needs. The format is well thought and laid out, which he can easily understand. As a parent I don’t think this book is something I would have chosen, but for the amount of enjoyment the boy has had out of it, it’s been the best value for money from a book we have had in a long time.

The boy has kept going back to this book to find more information, he keeps trying to tell me about all about buildings, what turns what into what, and he especially likes the table of elements. I think the Minecraft Handbook and Annual are two of the nicest looking and feeling books, they are certainly unusual in their vintage feel with fake leather covers and gold embossing.

We give this book a HUGE 5/5 and I know the boy will have the next Minecraft handbook on his Christmas list. You can find out more about Egmont on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Now it is your chance to own this beautiful book and see what you think. Simply fill in the rafflecopter and keep your fingers crossed!

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Disclaimer we were sent this book to review and keep, the opinions remain ours and have not been changed. This competition is open to the UK only.

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  1. Natrolite because everyone knows that that’s what they make fairy dust from and fairies have a lot of cash ;o)

    Think I could do with reading the book myself – I love how children’s books just make things so clear.

  2. I wouldn’t really mind so long as I found something beautiful. I’m always picking up seaglass and hoping that it will be something marvelous.

  3. I would mine for Diamond, my son is completely obsessed with minecraft, first it was skylanders, now this, not sure why it is so appealing, it reminds me of Commodore type games for some reason but he loves it, at least it is cheaper to fund than Skylanders

  4. i wish time was a mineral, and then I would mine for extra time, but failing that diamonds are so so pretty

  5. Minecraft is my sons favourite game right now, didn’t know they did books!! Thanks! On the Christmas list!

  6. I’d mine for Pink Sapphires <3 think they're gorgeous…
    Love to win this for my son, he's obsessed with minecraft, lol

  7. It would have to be gold! Im sure my kids think money grows on trees anyway so if I could have a little mine set up in the back garden I could set them to work! lol

  8. I’d mine for Rhodium. The only metal that doesnt make me scratch and the only jewellry I can wear as a result. I could do with the handbook to have half a clue what my children are tallking about when playing this.

  9. Helium, to help with the shortage and to help make a reserve here so we have enough to use in our own medical tests and research.

  10. My son would love to mine for more diamond ore so he can make more diamond armour. I like them cos they sparkle.

  11. I’d be mining for emeralds in the real world…but for as little as I know about Minecraft (my kids play) I’d probably go for the diamonds in game.

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