The Minecraft Annual 2014 from Egmont

Minecraft Annual 2014 our review

Minecraft Annual 2014 is a new book from Egmont publishers and to say that the boy was thrilled to be reviewing it for them is just a small understatement.

On opening the parcel I think lots of Umm, Ohh, Arrhs were heard, I asked if that was good and the reply? “Its alright” I’m sure he is a teenager trapped in an 8 year olds body?

Ok so confession time, I know nothing of Minecraft, well ok I know it’s a game, I know the boy wants it, and I know it involves buying a whole new computer console which I just don’t think we need at the moment, but I know very little else. So you might wonder how on earth the boy knows anything about this mysterious game. Well he has played it at his cousin’s house, he has watched YouTube videos, and all boys at school talk about it endlessly even if they don’t own it!

Anyway back to the book, I was interested to find out a bit more about the mysterious world of Endomen, building and Obsidian? The boy chose to read this book first and then move onto the Minecraft Beginners Handbook.

The Minecraft Annual 2014 would make any Minecraft fan very happy, I am very impressed with the quality and feel of the book, it has a weird sort of retro feel and is not at all like any other annuals with their shiny bright covers this book looks dark and mysterious. Inside there are a good mix of information pages, tips, clues puzzles and pages for you to enter your gaming information. The boy told me this book is “Cool, Epic and Awesome”. For the whole three-quarters of an hour that his nose was buried in it all I heard was silence, with the odd, “Oh I didn’t now that?” or “That’s interesting!” I think I can safely say he likes it.

Recommended 9+ age, but I think this depends on you and your child, at RRP £7.99 I certainly feel like you are getting value for money as there was plenty to read.  I noticed that Amazon have this Annual for £5 at the moment with free delivery in the Uk. I think that the Minecraft Annual 2014 would make a great gift for any Minecraft fan, and I know what to get the cousins for Christmas!

We give this book a full 5/5 and would give it more if we could!


Disclaimer we were sent a copy of this book to review the opinions remain ours and are unaltered.

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    1. I remember always getting an annual for Christmas, this one has lots of information and is actually a bit nicer than others I have seen.

  1. My son and daughter LOVE Minecraft so this will be on the Christmas list. I do restrict the amount of time they play on it but it all seems pretty ok to me – they seem to spend their time building libraries and swimming pools!

  2. I am not very clued up on games, but keep hearing about this one, I expect I will soon have to become expert on all these things!

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