Marvin Gets Mad by Joseph Theobald

Marvin Gets Mad by Joseph Theobald is a great new book released on 13th March it is the long-awaited sequel to the hugely popular Marvin Wanted More. A great fun book which tells of Marvin who wanted a particular apple, when Molly eats it, Marvin has a HUGE tantrum, Marvin grows horns, huge pink feet and a spiky tail, as he sets off upsetting the other animals as he stomps through the countryside. How will Marvin calm down? what will happen to this very angry sheep. You will have to read and find out!

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For all parents who have experienced a tantrum this book will sound familiar. For the toddlers perhaps it will bring a smile and some calm, maybe even teaching them how to deal with those feeling of anger and upset. I love the illustrations in this book, they are bright colourful and engaging and all children will love the return of Marvin.

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    1. Manners in the past were taught and encouraged by parents. Some parents still do this, maybe it needs to be also taught and discussed in schools. Many parents have a multitude of commitments nowadays, whilst children are influenced by peers, TV etc, etc.

  1. Supermarket bad manners drive me mad: people who hover over you when you are removing your shopping from the trolley in the trolley park because they want it, people who shove your shopping up the conveyer belt because they don’t have the patience to wait, people next in the queue who stand really close when you’re trying to type your pin in . . .

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. Though I know why some may do this :- Health conditions, Heart and / or Lung conditions etc. As they do not have the energy to keep going (yet may have the desire to). Why anyone does suddenly stop who doesn’t have a health problem :- I don’t know. As it is inconsiderate and can be dangerous.

      Personally I see your point, as I have arthritis :- If someone stops suddenly in front of me, then I have to stop. As well as possible inconvenience, it causes me physical pain.

  2. What really makes me angry is just because im young (19) and wear tracksuits people look at me funny just beacuse i say please and thank you and will hold a door open for other people and give up my seat on a train or bus. Its as if just because your young with a hood you have to be rude and arregent

    1. It may just be surprise on their part, due to the fact that youngsters for some years were not considerate of others. Self centred, now that some are aware of others (by their actions) and considerate of them is just delightful. It can sometimes leave people speechless. Thank-you for your consideration and Respect, it is appreciated and welcomed.

  3. Everything at the moment! Particularly, rudeness, having no respect, bad customer service, inefficiency, basically, people!!

    1. You mention “bad customer service” :- Most would say answer to that is’ vote with your feet’. Take your service and fee (money) elsewhere where you are welcome and appreciated. It is customer loyalty which can keep a business running and even prospering.

  4. Services which avoid dealing with clients. The service would not be there if it weren’t for the clients. Employee would not be in that job if it was not for clients needs. Unfortunately this happens with Health and Social care. Yet if client dealt with appropriately and promptly then Service running efficiently and effectively. Just as it should :- Given that it is paid for via British taxpayers.

    When ‘Buck is Passed’ :- ‘Dominoe Effect’, as someone else, other people, another service is left to deal with it.

  5. A topical one for me this week is people dossing around at work because they are quiet… but there are other people working their socks off. Don’t need to turn the office into a 6th form common room!

  6. People being noisy when my son is trying to sleep, ignorance and right now it would have to be the laziness/childishness of Solicitors. Desperately trying to move and they’re not doing their jobs properly! I could go on a mega rant but I wont, lol x

  7. I hate it when people are late. Or companies who do not deliver on time. Being kept waiting in the hairdressers. My time is important to me. I NEVER keep people waiting.

  8. My absolute pet hate is shop assistants who chat to their co workers whilst serving. The bloke in the library did this recently as he checked my books out, and even ignored me when I thanked him!

  9. Lots makes me mad. Irresponsible dog owners who don,t pick up after their dogs, racism, rudeness, bullying, people questioning the choices I make as a parent. I am sure there is lots more lol

  10. when people do not use manners, i was taught that manners cost you nothing, but when i use them, people look at me as if i am using a foreign lanuage

  11. Dog walkers who don’t pick up dog muck, or ones who do only to throw the bag and it’s contents in the nearest bush/tree/garden!

  12. Online pickers in supermarkets talking to a colleague about non-related work issues blocking aisles and displays with their trolleys really annoy me 🙂

  13. People who park in mother / child car parking spaces and clearly have no children! Or worse still – have older children – they should know better!

  14. Littering! I really hate it, people are so lazy. how you can litter in you own little village where you live, isn’t it nicer to walk in clean streets.. I’ll never understand.

  15. Cyclist who go through red lights, undertake buses/lorries, don’t have lights or wear high viv jackets and then cyclist on the path when there is a purpose built cyclist line right next to them on the road!

  16. Lot’s of things make me mad. People who have no manners, doesn’t take two seconds to say please and thank you. People who don’t pronounce their H’s (happens a lot in Birmingham) at the beginning of words. Lateness, I’m not a fan of being kept waiting.

  17. Standing in supermarket queues (or any shop queues) when there are a group of staff (usually supervisors/managers) talking amongst themselves & empty tills they could be using!!

  18. Bad manners are something I can’t abide! Please and thank you should be words used as standard 🙂

  19. being blatantly ignored. Like on facebook you message a friend , facebook tells you its been seen and they dont reply …………..ever

  20. Pointless marketing schemes. Like the silly little hats on the innocent smoothy ad. Why spend time on that marketing scheme just send money to the elderly who can’t heat their homes or make hats for premature babies who actually need it but no they spend their time and money on that making silly little hats for bottles.

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