A MAMMOTH month of books

I am looking forward to a MAMMOTH month of books in February, just in time to celebrate World Book Day on the 6th March. I believe it is very important to read with your children, as often as possible, and from birth. With a huge array of books available online and in library’s, these days there really is no excuse not to find something you and your children will love!

I have been reading with the boy since day one, and have taken an active role in encouraging his enjoyment of books. Dad M has also enjoyed time reading with the boy at first looking at brightly coloured pictures, then classic tales. The boys favourite when he was very small was The Very Lazy Ladybird by Jack Tickle His love of ladybirds turned out to be more because he couldn’t see properly but at the time we thought it was a love of nature.

Books soon moved on to repetition and rhyme, we love all the Julie Donaldson Books our favourite is Stick Man with its fun rhyme and great illustrations. The boy could recite most of the words from memory.

Then school came, and the boy found reading difficult. There seems to be a jump backwards. The books he once loved he hated, when he had to read them himself. Perseverance, and a year under his belt and books became fun again. They still needed pictures to keep interest, and break up all the scary words. Biff and Chip came to the house, and while I dislike these books, their stories and repetition of key words were what the boy needed.

I know how important reading is in everyday life, we have always encouraged the boy to read outside the house not just books, everything from Menu’s to road signs, it has brought its own interesting conversations. Now a confident reader both out-loud and to himself, he enjoys picking his own stories, Minecraft is a favourite, and classics like Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox. His whole school year are being encouraged to read more, and have a school scheme to earn points where comprehension is the key. Being a competitive boy this suits him just fine, as we move into a new chapter of learning.

Have a look at these reading tips from Mumsnet on how to get started, reading with your child, and don’t forget reading helps language, comprehension, and social skills, not just being able to read itself.

Over the coming Month I hope to inspire you to read, read for yourself and for your family. It is a known fact that children who see their parents reading are more likely to want to pick up a book themselves. If the reviews are not enough to make you rush to your library or bookshop then I have a huge amount of books to giveaway over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.



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  1. Luckily my four kids all share my love of reading and we have a HUGE collection of books! I love buying them sets too – like Mr Men and Beatrix Potter! I also have hundreds from when I was little that my kids now have – loads of Lady Bird books and traditional tales!

    1. Its great to start them reading young, and you cant beat Mr Men books, keep your eyes peeled as I have some great giveaways coming up!

    1. I do miss the snuggling by the radiator reading time, but also love that with the independence of reading comes more interesting stories and conversations. 🙂

    1. I am worried the boy is starting to dislike books as I have rather a lot here at the moment! But I am very excited and hope you will pop back and join in.

  2. I’m amazed at how many teenagers I see that can barely string a sentence together these days. They are the computer generation. I think its so important to read with your children on a daily basis.

  3. I read to my son every night before bed. We read two different stories & he loves it. I also read to him during the day but (unfortunately for me) it’s usually the same book over and over, lol x
    I loved reading when I was younger & I hope my son will too 🙂 x

  4. Thankfully our son seems to have followed in our footsteps with his love of books and I don’t think there’s ever a day when we don’t read something. Favourites at the moment do include a lot of poo and underpants though!

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