Letts Wild about Maths/English – Review

We have been asked to review Letts Wild about Maths and English books. These KS2 workbooks have been put together to follow the new curriculum which was introduced in September. Wild about Maths and English books are available now for RRP £4.99 each, here is a short video of what sort of things they contain.

There are nine books in the Letts Wild about series, and with a mixture of topics they are the perfect source of information to help support your child’s school learning. there are 5 books on Maths and English subjects for ages 9 to 11, with a further 4 books split into Maths and English in ages 9 – 10 and 10 – 11.

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The Letts wild about series are bright colourful workbooks filled with fun animal facts and for the boy made a perfect way to learn, topping up his maths and English skills. Asking the boy to review the Maths books was easy as he loves the subject. Asking him to look at the Wild about English books needed a little Soup Dragon cunning! These workbooks are packed with little bits of information, and once the boy had started to read the facts he was hooked.

letts wild about english

We decided to have a detailed look at the Wild about English Spelling workbook, and in particular Homophones and Homonyms! (I confess I had no idea what these were.) Apparently words that sound the same but are spelt differently (Homophones) and spelt the same (Homonyms) With a mixture of questions and information we soon worked out what we were doing. The boy particularly liked the task of spotting the incorrectly spelt words, and replacing them with the correct spellings. We even made up a little rhyme to remember which was which, and the next day the boy was happy to go to school, telling me he thought he had learnt something useful! He even went as far as saying

“I quite like this English. Can we do some more when I get home tonight?”

I can confirm that if these books can inspire the boy, then they can inspire any child. The boy has been struggling with school recently, and to see him so excited about learning again was a lovely sight.

letts wild about maths

Letts Wild about range of workbooks are lovely, well-printed fun and most striking of all full colour books. They seem to have the perfect balance, and even when the boy found a page to hard, or something he hadn’t done before there were both answers if we got stuck and a log book page to keep a record of progress. Finally towards the end of the book is a page to test what you have learnt.

For parents the Letts Wild about books are based on the new primary curriculum, so you can be happy that there will be no conflict in learning the right topics and to the right level for KS2 children. I know this has been one of my concerns in the past with workbooks that the boy tried. Overall I have been very surprised how easily the boy has taken to the Letts Wild about series of books, and would recommend these not just to help kids catch up on subjects that they may be weaker at, but also as a fun way to pass the time, as well as animal fans.

For more information on the Letts range of Wild about workbooks visit their website where you can download fact files, puzzles and activities. You will also find the range of Wild about books for KS1 and even enter the competition to win a trip to Marwell Zoo!

Disclaimer, we were asked to review these books, the words remain our own and have not been altered.

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  1. Sounds like the facts are presented in a really engaging manner, so much easier to learn when creativity and fun are involved!

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