Infinity Drake by John McNally

Today we are reviewing Infinity Drake by John McNally to celebrate Children’s Book Week. This is a hardback book, and tells the tale of Finn or “Infinity, to give him his full mathematical name!

infinity drake

Living with his Grandma is ok, but when Gran heads off on a knitting holiday, Finn’s Uncle Al comes to look after him. Having lost both parents, his dad Ethan to a lab disaster, and more recently his Mum to Cancer. Spending time with his uncle Alan, is somewhat of a time out from his situation. Life becomes a bit more of an adventure, as the pair head off on a road trip. Al, the mad scientist Uncle is summoned to a meeting. The only person who can help ave the world from a lethal bio-weapon, Al shrinks down a crack military team. But disaster as Finn is shrunk too, at just 9mm what will happen next…

You will have to read more to find out, this is a fast passed and sometimes confusing book, that I feel is suited more to older readers. With a smattering of humour, and plenty of scientific terms, there is plenty to keep you reading. I think those with a love of adventure and excitement will enjoy this book, and when the boy is a little more confident, he too will enjoy reading Infinity Drake.

Infinity Drake from Harper Collins is available now in hardback from bookstores and online RRP £12.99 recommended for ages 9+. Find out more from the Infinity Drake website.

If you would like to win a copy of this action packed book then complete your details below.

Infinity Drake

Disclaimer, we were sent a copy of this book for review, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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