Horrid Henry’s Royal Riot, review

Horrid Henry’s Royal Riot, by Francesca Simon, Illustrated by Tony Ross this is the latest book we have been sent by Orion Publishers. Horrid Henry’s Royal Riot is a lovely hardback book with 4 stories in an early reader format. This means that they are beautiful broken up with the colourful illustrations that you come to expect from Horrid Henry books. This book has Horrid Henry’s Thanks you Letter, Meets the Queen, Moody Margaret School and Sports day. Each story has been broken down into chapters and then laced with the bright illustrations.

I will confess as a parent not liking the stories at first when the boy started to bring them home from school. But I have defiantly warmed to the character of Henry. He really is the typical downtrodden child, misunderstood and not really as bad as everyone says. The boy is always reluctant to read a big book like this, but had no problem whizzing through this one as the words are clear and the stories easy to follow. we both liked the royal theme and I loved the crowns, this is a big heavy book, so best read lying on the bed! which is where I found the boy.

We give this a big thumbs up and a 4/5 it retails at £12.99 so is a bit pricey but would make a great addition to a bookshelf.
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Disclaimer we were sent this book to review and keep, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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