Horrid Henry is 20!

Yes its true Horrid Henry turns 20 this year, and he hasn’t aged a bit since Francesca Simon wrote the first book back in 1994. With over 20 million books sold, I think there must be at least one copy in every UK house.

Horrid Henry

The celebrations this year include the release of a special 20th anniversary edition book. The book includes brand new material, and 20 things you didn’t know about Horrid Henry. The book also contains 4 stories, Horrid Henry’s Perfect Day, Horrid Henry’s Dance Class, Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret and Horrid Henry’s Holiday. This book comes with a fun peep through cover, and the boy finds this style of book east to read. With illustrations to break up the text they are not intimidating for the reluctant reader.

henry is 20

With so many books in the Horrid Henry series there must be something for everyone, from fact books joke books and early readers. Horrid Henry is truly timeless, and I know that both the boy and me enjoy the humour from Henry’s stories.

Horrid henry’s 20th Anniversary Edition book is available now from bookshops and online RRP £4.99. For your chance to win a copy of this great Henry giggle packed book enter your details below.

Horrid Henry 20th Anniversary Edition

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Disclaimer we were sent a copy of this book to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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  1. Horrid Henry’s Perfect Day where perfect Peter finally loses his cool and throws his dinner at Henry but accidently hits Mum.

  2. My fave Horrid Henry story is the Mega-Mean Time Machine. It’s absolutely hilarious. He convinces Perfect Peter that, using the box the washing machine came in, he has travelled forward in time. So brilliant!

  3. I love all the programmes not read any of the books yet but my daughter is nearly old enough to start reading them

  4. My 3 children LOVE Horrid Henry and have read virtually all of the books from cover to cover time and time again! They haven’t really got a favourite-they love them all!

  5. I’m not really up to date with the Horrid Henry books, but i would love to win as i know my niece really enjoys them x

  6. my grandaughter loves horrid henry! she loves the books, the tv show and the movie, which im sure she has watched about a hundred times!

  7. Fr some reason, the girls loved Horrid Henry gets Nits !! It made me itch, but they thought it was great !! lol x

  8. I used to read these as a kid, but I honestly can’t remember any of the stories! I won’t pretend to either!

  9. Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy – my three oldest children have all grown up loving Horrid Henry and now my youngest is at the age where she is really enjoying the stories at the moment.

  10. My teenagers grew up reading Horrid Henry and now they read them to their 7 year old brother. Horrid Henry’s birthday is his favourite.

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