Dinogami is a fab new book from Parragon Books RRP £8.00 the kit includes an awesome book of ideas with 20 scaly papers and a ready-made dinosaur as an example.

Fold bend and crease to make a whole herd of colourful mini-gami dino models! Use the papers and easy how-to book to create a terrifying T-rex, vicious Velociraptor and tri-horned Triceratops

I have been looking forward to this book, as I have always loved paper-folding or origami, so this book with its play on words sounded just the thing for a wet Sunday afternoon! We sat down and starting from the beginning of the handy sized 48 page book. With 20 dinosaur scaly papers you have everything you need to get started on a dinosaur folding adventure.

The first two pages teach the basic folding terms and techniques, needed to make the models on the following pages. The book is quite small and some of the Dinogami models later in the book are complex so an understanding of these basic folds are essential. The book starts with a Pteranadon, using one sheet of the pre-printed papers this is a great and easy starter model. The boy enjoyed making this model and there were two papers supplied so we were able to sit side by side and the boy copied my folds.

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As you work through the book the Dinogami models become more complex and some need two or more sheets of paper. I will admit to being a little disappointed that a couple of the models will also need glue to hold them together, this for me is not the art of origami. However with the cute pre-printed papers the dinosaurs are brought to life with a wonderful character of their own. My personal favourite is the Iguanodon as he was easy to make and stood up on his own, the boy likes the Pterodactyl as you can make his wings flap.

I was worried that once the pre-printed papers have run out that you might lose interest, but I think the possibilities of making your own painted papers or even drawing on your own dinosaurs will prolong the enjoyment. I have loved making these Dinogami models and I think you will too, so why not have a go and try and win a copy of Dinogami in the giveaway below.

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Disclaimer we were sent this book to try the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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  1. I liked Velociraptors, until scientists ruined them by working out they were half the size that Jurassic Park told us they were and were essentially big chickens!!
    And T-Rex’s apparently had feathers… and Brontosaurus didn’t exist at all?!
    I’m going with Spinosaurus!

  2. Apatosaurus – my dino mad boy would love this book so fingers crossed! But if I don’t win at least its something good to buy for his birthday 🙂

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