Befana Drama by Gianna Hartwright

Befana DramaBefana Drama by Gianna Hartwright tells the tale of a witch and first look of the cover I thought this story would be more aimed at girls than boys. The story of Befana is not one I was familiar with, and tells the tale of a witch famed in Italy for giving coal or candy to girls and boys. January 6th is the date when this witch rewards the good and punishes the bad children of Italy. This series includes characters of all the familiar folklore favourites, Santa, elves, Old father time, as well as the more unusual.


When Befana is told that her role is being downsized, what does a witch do? I don’t think that going quietly is an option and the following moments where Befana fights back make this a very unusual story. I found the story easy to follow and was intrigued by this old twisted character, and the history of this traditional Italian festival.

have a look at this video to find out more about the story behind the book, or indeed what its like to be a VIPB, Very important present giver!

With a second book already in the series, Befana goes on to open her own theme park, with the help of the Dubai boy band, The Three Kings, how will the plans unfold? Enemies Old and new will do anything to stop Befana’s plans. You will have to read on to find out what happens.

These books make perfect reading for fans of fairy-tale with a twist, and I know are something I would have loved to read as a child as I loved the Grimm fairy-tale style of these books. It is nice to read a book that isn’t full of cute and pretty pink fairy tales, and I think this will be a great series f books for boys and girls 8+ for years to come.

The Befana Drama, is available now from bookshops and online, with a RRP £8.99 for the first book and RRP £7.99 for the second in the series. If you would like the chance to win this pair of books for yourself and find out more about this mystical magical world of Befana the witch then enter your details below.

Befana Drama


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  1. I used to love fairytales as a child and am love sharing them with my children now. Rumplestilskin was always a favourite of mine.

  2. i used to read lots of fairy tales when the kids were a bit youngerand we use to love sleeping beauty

  3. Loved fairy tales and one Christmas when I was about 12 got a very thick book with fairy tales of the world in, read it from cover to cover

  4. i used to love rumplestiltskin and even now i watch grimm and once upon a time which is a twist on them

  5. Yes, we love them, especially the golden oldies like red riding hood, Cinderella, tinder box etc.

  6. My kids love fairy tails and they love La Befana and would love to read these books.
    Every Eve of the 5th January they but there stockings out hoping not to get coal.
    Viva La Befana!!!!!

  7. Love fairy tales, read them to the kids too, sleeping beauty, little red riding hood, 3 little pigs etc!

  8. The best fairy tales help kids with moral issues and the darker issues in life. I liked The Snow Queen and Bluebeard as a child.

  9. I love fairytales and we read constantly to our 3 year old. We read some of the old favourites albeit with a twist (Sleeping Dino anyone?) but steer clear of the, often, macabre original versions 🙂

  10. I don’t read them now as I’m too old but my mum used to read them to me when I was a little kid to get to sleep. 🙂

  11. I love fairy tales. We are planning to travel the Fairy Tale Road in Germany in a couple of years and visiting all the villages and castles which inspired The Brothers Grimm.

  12. I still love fairy tales, I read them to both my nephews – and enjoy Grimm and Once Upon a time on TV – probably a bit sad at my age but who cares 🙂

  13. Love fairy tale stories would love these be a gripping read when I get time to myself or am feeding my newborn baby boy.

  14. Love fairy tales – I think I must have read hundreds over the years to my children – the usual well known English ones, plus lots of European ones too.

  15. I love fairytales and have read many to my kids. Not sure if I have a favourite as so many are good. Bedtime stories are a must in our house.

  16. I was brought up on a rich diet of fairy tales and enjoyed telling them to my children and now my grandchildren 🙂

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