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Word Bandit is a new game which Drumond park are adding to their existing selection of family games. Suitable for 2 teams of any size and ages 8+ RRP £24.99. Word Bandit will soon become part of your games cupboard.

Word Bandit is a word game with 4 games in one. Set up is simple with a playing board, a playing piece for each team. The word Bandit unit, and timer. Teams take it in turn to complete each word game, while the other team keeps score for them. Starting from the red start square when each game is complete the team move the number of correct answers along the board to the finish.

The first game on the red space, is the one row challenge. with only one row of letters visible on the word bandit spin the letters with the bandit arm. This will give you 3 new letter to make as many words containing at least two of the visible letters as you can. The letters can be in any order and you can change the order as you think of more. Race to find as many as you can before the timer runs out. Then move the number of correct answers along the board.

After the first round hopefully you will now be on a different coloured square. Yellow square is the two row game, with words beginning with one of the spun letters. for example if the square says boys names then as many as you can think of from the visible 2 rows of letters. The Green Word Bandit square is three rows of letters. Use a letter to name a famous person, letters don’t have to be next to each other, and can be of different rows. Finally the purple square is the four row game with winding words. find as many words as you can that snake across the four fours of letters. Words can go in any direction and even diagonally but must be next to the previous letter.

That is all there is to the word bandit, apart from the cheeky little chap himself. Some of the squares have the word bandits face meaning you have less letters to use for your game. He can pop into any game at any time but if you are unlucky enough to have 3 in a one or two row game, simply spin again!

The winner is of course the first team to cross the finish line. I do love a word game and Word Bandit s a great one for encouraging discussion with families. The younger players can challenge themselves with shorter words and older players could try for the longer ones. Either way Word Bandit is a fun and frantic word filled game. If you would like to add word bandit to your games library then you can use my Amazon affiliate link below or pop to your local toy shop.

Drumond Park have kindly given me a Word Bandit game to give away, so enter below with the gleam app.

Word Bandit

Disclaimer we were sent this game for the purpose of review, the words remain my own and have not been altered #review #notpaid


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  1. I love scrabble and Boggle – though my family get frustrated with me winning all the time coz I’m so damn goood at them!

  2. My twin girls are only 5 so we have to play simple games like name objects beginning with the letter ……

  3. My niece loves hangman at the moment – Ilike to play scrabble online with my dad a few times a week as its a great way to know he’s ok without keep asking all the time.

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