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Sushi Roll available from Coiledspring games is just one of the award winning games we will be playing over Christmas. We were sent this 2-5 player dice game to review, and couldn’t wait to see what it was about. Suitable for ages 8+ and RRP £24.99.

The boy loves sushi, so this game of dice was going to be an easy one for me to get him to play. The first part we liked about Sushi Roll is that there was no plastic packaging. I hope more games are going to eliminate the plastic wrap that comes with a new box. This is the first one that I have seen, and its refreshing.

Sushi Roll is based from a card game called Sushi go. We hadn’t played the card version, but found you don’t need to in order too fall in love with Sushi Roll. Set up is easy. Each player has a tray, and starts off with tokens. Conveyer belts are chosen for the number of players taking part. A number of dice are chosen from the bag, depending on how many players.

Players take their turns to roll their dice and choose which face up dice they wish to move to their menu. Sushi Roll is a mix of luck and a little bit of skill. There are cards for stealing dice, and swapping the order of conveyer belts. Conveyer belts are then moved along and dice rolled again, until the rounds have ended. Then dice are added up, points awarded and winner declared.

We have loved this game, Sushi Roll is easy to learn, and great to play. It can be as competitive as you like, by ganging up on players. Sushi Roll has an amount of strategy. I love that it can be played with up to 5 players. This is refreshing to see more than the standard 4 player game. There was no loss of gameplay for 3 player or even 2 and the Sushi is cute!

Sushi Roll is available from your local toy store or online from stores like Amazon (affiliate link below)

Disclaimer We were sent this game for the purpose of review, the words remain our own and have not been altered #gifted #review #ad

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