Mysterium – review and giveaway

Mysterium is a game from Esdevium for 2 -7 players ages 10+ RRP £34.99

We have had Mysterium for some time now and I had been a little put off by the lengthy rules. The boy decided that we should give it a go as we have been playing lots of board games this week. Our favourite of the moment being Colt Express. I would suggest that you have a good read through the rules of Mysterium. Familiarise yourself with the set up and this will make the game much easier to play the first time.

Mysterium is not a traditional board based game and comes with a mixture of cards and standing elements. There is a great page to explain the set up but we found that setting a pretend game up was the best way to work out what each part is used for. Whilst our first time of setting up took some time, subsequent times it has been less than five minutes.

Mysterium is a co-operative game, so rather than battling against each other it is about the ghost and psychics working to help each other to discover the identity of the ghosts killer. There are two phases to the game the first you need to work out the different killers. The second you work out the poor departed persons murderer. Each part is good fun, and at first seemed complicated but as we discovered how each person thought the play became easier.

There are two roles in Mysterium, the Ghost the one player who can see who the potential killers are, where the event happened and the weapon. And the rest of the players are the Psychics trying to work out what happened. I can see some comparisons with Cludo, but I love Mysterium and have always disliked Cludo! I have no plans to write out every rule for Mysterium as the rule book covers that. I loved the additional rules for larger groups of seeing who is the better guesser. It is great that there are different levels of play too. We started on easy as the game suggests, and moved onto medium when we were confident we had all the rules correct.

For a more atmospheric game you can download a spooky soundtrack from the makers website, or simply just play at Halloween when its dark outside. I loved playing the ghost and not having to speak at all, teasing the psychics if their guesses were correct of not. It turns out that the boy thinks more along the lines which I do, with my clues to my killer and out of the half-dozen games we played over the weekend was usually the first to guess the correct answers to each part of the Mysterium puzzle.

As for winners, depending on the number of players you can all win. Finding the killer means the ghost is freed. I have to say we all took turns as ghosts and we all failed at some point! I would recommend Mysterium for family’s that love to play together. You can make it as spooky as you like and would be the perfect fun party game for Halloween.

Mysterium is available now from toy stores, use the handy store finder here.

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  1. I will be taking my kids trick or treating and my dad usually sets fireworks off in my parents for all the grandkids later on in the evening x

  2. I enjoy all the trick and treaters calling for the goodies, they costumes are fantastic I get around 50 calling

  3. The kids want to go trick or treating, they are literally going on about it every day! And we will have some spooky party food, and carve pumpkins

  4. We will no doubt spend hours getting the little fella dressed up and face painted…all in an effort to kick-start grandpa’s dodgy ticker when he knocks on the door for trick or teat 😉 x

  5. We are going to carve pumpkins, make some spooky cakes and make some decorations out of hand and footprints. WE are also making some sweetie pods for the trick or treaters and have a spooktacular dinner. I love Halloween, so many fun things to do! My Pintrest board is huuuuuge!

  6. I don’t know yet, as I have been called up for Jury duty at that time, so I don’t know where I’ll be, or what I’ll be doing! Hopefully I’ll be at home so that we can have some fun!

  7. It is my night to volunteer at my local Guide Group so we will be taking the girls to do their Fire Safety badge.

  8. Trick or treating in a street where all the resident go to town decorating their front gardens for the kids to enjoy!

  9. halloween this year will consist of taking my kiddies round family and friends trick or treating and then getting home early enough to hand some sweeties out ourselves to the little ones near us!

  10. My little one is only 2, so nothing too scary. We’ve got decorations to put up, a couple of games and then I plan to peruse Pinterest for spooky tea ideas!

  11. We’ll carve jack o’lanterns. I’ll take my daughter trick or treating and hand out candy after. I love Halloween.

  12. we are doing a little halloween party for our kids and their friends. this week the kids have been busy making decorations for it including tomb stones, spider webs and deadmans hands

  13. We will be having a night of indulgence with pizza and sweets whilst we watch a scary movie (Hocus Pocus)

  14. We will be carving a pumpkin and putting it out in the garden and then having toffee apples and ghost stories at bedtime.

  15. There are tons of sweet kids in our neighbourhood and, since my nephew is far away, I’ll be staying at home and spoiling them at the door.

  16. I will be indoors this year as I’m due in 2 weeks! We don’t get many trick-or-treaters so I think it will just be me watching horror movies.

  17. We’ll be sitting at home waiting for the trick or treaters to knock for their goodie bags. We’ll have carved and lit pumpkins on the front step

  18. Will carve a pumpkin with my son and have toffee apples and pumpkin soup and watch a scary film suitable for the family.

  19. We’ve left it quite late this year to organise anything but I expect my daughter will want to go out trick or treating and we will pick up a pumpkin or two to carve over the weekend

  20. We went to our local halloween disco last night and will be decorating the house and trick or treating on tuesday

  21. Be a scary BRA MAN, with orange clothing, white and yellow face markings and holding a trident fork, having long grey hair and a grey beard – WOW SCARY!

  22. My nephews are really young still so we played some games at home – and then carved a pumpkin of course!

  23. pumpkin carving, ducking for apples and sticky gingerbread men to be eaten with hands tied behind our backs blindfolded and hanging on string from the kitchen roof MESSY

  24. A special Halloween Tea for the family and a game like this would be great for the older ones to play after eating!

  25. We are having our very first Halloween party this year, for adults and children, with fancy dress being compulsory! We are having a spooky treasure hunt for the children, along with bobbing for apples, Monster Statues and lots more spooky themed games. For the adults we have lots of scary themed cocktails, music that contains only spooky themed lyrics or band names and a quiz!

  26. Well the kiddywinks are off to a Halloween weekend with their friends so I have the HAUNTED house to myself, even the dog is going away lol. So it’s a bottle of wine, bag of crisps and a bar of chocolate and watching as many dodgy horror films as I can. 🙂

  27. My boy wants to go trick or treating as the stay puft marshmallow man so making that costume is by main Halloween activity 😀

  28. We’ll be eagerly waiting our little nieces coming to trick or treat at our house! Then whatever sweeties are left will be eaten by us while we watch a few scary films!

  29. Just have stocked up with treats and waiting for the local children to come callung in their fabulous scarey costumes

  30. Halloween party with friends and neighbours with halloweeen scarecrow/guy contest and Halloween dance competition for kids

  31. It’s my Nephew’s Birthday so we’ll be going to his Party in the day and then trick or treating in the evening

  32. We had our Halloween today and we went to the spooky 4D drive in Movie. Casper on screen, characters jumping out and around the cars, and extra effects. Great fun.

  33. We have had our decorations up since the 1st October lol but the pumpkin carving we have saved until tomorrow so they are fresh for Halloween. We don’t really live in a trick or treat friendly area, the UK sucks for that still but is getting a bit better I suppose. We will have our own spooky treasure hunt at home and the little man is dressing as a vampire for re-school.

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