Jurassic Park DANGER! Board Game Review

Jurassic Park DANGER! is a new board game from Ravensburger and is available now RRP £24.50 for 2-5 players aged 10+.

Jurassic Park Danger as the name suggests is based on the famous Jurassic park series of films, and a game I knew the dragon family were going to enjoy. The box includes some great playing pieces with players able to choose to play as a dinosaur or character from the film. The Jurassic park island is made from hexagonal pieces which fit neatly into the island outline. This is a great collaborative game with players working as a team to capture the dinosaurs, before the dinosaurs eliminate the characters.

The instructions at first glance can look a little complex. The instruction booklet is in full colour and this makes it easier to understand as characters and dinosaurs have their own coloured instructions. The game starts with players choosing to be characters or dinosaurs. Once the playing board is complete each player has a character mat with cards and a playing token. This is placed in the middle of the island where play starts.

Play is a mixture of playing cards and moves with the dinosaur player taking the first turn to select a card from their hand. Characters do the same before each take turns to use the actions chosen. Each character has a personal goal, and the aim is for the majority of the players to complete this and then escape. Play is collaborative and each can discuss their moves. This is great for a strategy but beware as the dinosaurs player will be listening. Players continue to take turns moving around the board to complete their goals, and dinosaurs can attack to remove players cards from play.

Jurassic Park Danger may seem difficult to get to grips with at first, but after a couple of goes it is easy enough to understand. I love that if a player is eliminated they can choose another character and continue play. Each character has a different goal and strength, like a superpower. This means I can see the boy will have favourites like he does when we play colt express. The players win when they are able to complete the goals and escape to the helicopter. The Dinosaurs win if they remove all the characters, which would prove tricky with less players.

Jurassic park danger is a great game and one that we have enjoyed trying out. I think it will take us a few more goes before we master it, and work out all the players strengths. I love the cooperative play and this was part of some heated discussions from the Dragon family. We love the playing board and pieces, and found Jurassic park danger a great game to play on a wet weekend.

If you want to make Jurassic park your next family board game have a look at my affiliate link below, or visit your local games shop.

Disclaimer, we were sent this game for review, words remain my own and have not been altered. #review#notpaid

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  1. This game looks so good! It’s a game that we would certainly play with in our house as we love Jurassic Park!

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