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iKnow is a family quiz game from Tactic, for 2-6 players ages 12+ RRP £26.99

I knew iKNOW was going to be a great game from opening the box and finding there is only one sheet of rules to learn. iKnow is a family quiz and is so simple to learn and understand that we were ready and playing in less than 10 minutes which is perfect for family gatherings. You can play with 2-6 players and we found it worked well with our family of three. setting up the game is as simple as opening the tokens, and inserting the coloured disks into the ibet tokens.

You can choose how many cards you play for each game and this will govern how long a game lasts. We found a quick game for three players (six question cards) lasted around 20 minutes.  Each player starts iKNOW with a coloured counter, two ibet tokens and three 1 point scoring chips. Play starts with the oldest player choosing a category from Entertainment, sports, science & Nature or the 2000’s. The player to the left draws a question card and reads the multiple choice question.

The answering player then has time to think of their answer. Meanwhile the other players use the ibet tokens to decide if they think the answering player do or don’t know the answer. They place the ibet token on the board with their prediction face down. The answering player then uses their iKNOW token on the answer they think is correct. The rest of the players then have the chance to steal extra points by using the scoring chips on the answer they think is correct. when all bets have finished the scores are totted up.

There are two points for the player answering correctly, 1 point if another player made the correct prediction. Losing a point I they guessed wrong. If you chose to have a guess at the answer yourself then get it right and take a score chip for each one placed on the board. Get it wrong and loose the chips you placed. The winner of iKNOW is the player at the end of the questions with the highest score.

We had fun playing this family friendly game, as although the boy didn’t know lots of the quiz answers he proved good at predicting if other players would know the answers. We found it was even possible to not know a single answer and still win! The questions were a good mix of questions with some tricky ones. It was great that you can choose your own category and we thought that you could make is harder by picking subjects at random if you found this too easy.

iKNOW is a great game for the festive season as you need very little space to set up, and games don’t last long so chance of getting bored before the end. Add in a bit of family rivalry and debate and iKNOW will definatly be making an appearance in our family this Christmas.

Pick up a copy of iKNOW from your toy store or online with my affiliate link below.

Disclaimer we were sent this game in exchange for a review. The words remain our own and have not been altered. #sentforreview #notpaid

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