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Foxy Pants from Drumond Park is just one of the new games for 2018. I was lucky enough to see this game at toy fair earlier in the year and knew it would be another great game to add to the catalogue. Suitable for 2-4 players aged 4+ RRP Β£22.99. Foxy Pants is a fun way to improve fine motor skills.

Foxy Pants is a fast game as players load the foxies pants with the chickens they could drop at any second. Causing mayhem to break out a players scramble to collect chickens using only one hand, to fill their coup.

Game play is simple to set up. Lift fox’s arms and pull the tab to release the trousers from under the feet of the fox. Pull the trousers up around his waist and drop the arms. You are now ready to play. The player with the best chicken impression starts. Throw the dice and load the number of chickens into the fox’s trousers. Press the fox on the head and play moves clockwise to the next player.

Watch out! as at any moment Mr fox could drop his pants and the chickens will come flying! Players have to grab as many chickens, one at a time, using only one hand and placing in their coup. When all of the five spaces in the coup are filled a winner is declared. Like all easy to learn games Foxy Pants is all about the playing. There will be plenty of giggles with this one as the chickens go flying and I was surprised how Foxy manages to stay upright when his trousers disappear.

Foxy Pants is a great fun game and one that made me chuckle. It is a little young for the boy now but I can remember when this sort of silly game was high on his list of things to play. Foxy Pants is a great game for when you don’t have much time as it is quick to play. Foxy Pants is also a great game to help co-ordination and turn taking.

We think Foxy pants will be a great seller this year, and love the cute little fox. Foxy Pants is available to buy now with my affiliate link below, or from your favourite toy shop.

If you would like the chance to add Foxy Pants to your game collection then why not enter with my gleam app below.

Foxy Pants

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Disclaimer: I was sent this game for purpose of review, and the words remain my own #review #notpaid


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  1. At the moment it’s Frustration, the kids seem to go through phases last month was scrabble, and pray for us now they are requesting monopoly and we all know how that ends aha!

  2. We love to play Mouse Trap as a family, Monopoly and we bought an old vintage 1990s edition of Ghost Castle as I think it is better than the new ones!

  3. They love rock, paper, scissors, shoot which we need to use all the time as they squabble over everything!

  4. We love playing Rapidough with the kids, although my husband and I also made up adult versions for the kids so we can play with our friends too, it’s hilarious

  5. They are obsessed with “ups and downs” at the moment. It’s actually “Snakes and Ladders” but my great-niece couldn’t say “ladders” at one point, and “ups and downs” are the name for it until she could, but it has stuck lol.

  6. We love family games….the fave in our house at the moment is Jenga and uno πŸ™‚ Foxy pants looks great fun for the whole family xx

  7. We love playing tetris. It used to be just online but now there’s a ‘real’ tetris and our 3 love it!

  8. Me and the hubby like to play chess and draughts but they are a bit advanced for our son yet who loves things like buckaroo and operation

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