Enjoy Water Challenge

We have been challenged by Robinsons and BritMums to find ways to keep hydrated as a family and enjoy water. With two out of three parents saying they don’t know how much water their children should be drinking each day. I don’t feel alone in saying that this challenge needed to start with me!

The boy drinks lots of water when he does sports. Getting him to enjoy water on other days it is like asking him to chop a leg off. I bought him a large one litre sports bottle which he takes to school and day trips. Its huge and takes up so much room in his bag. It’s great for his fencing competitions, when he needs to keep hydrated, not so good on a day out.

enjoy water

Robinsons have launched the “Enjoy Drinking More Water” campaign to help families like ours enjoy water. With a range of Squash’d flavours they hope to encourage families to fruit up their water. This idea has proved a hit with the boy who loves these little squeezy bottles.They have great fruity flavours too with Orange and peach, summer fruit and my favourite pink grapefruit. The best part is they have no added sugar, and we adults rather like them too!

So over the last couple of weeks we have been keeping a chart of our water intake. The boy has loved adding fruity stickers to his chart and trying to increase how much he drinks each day. Robinson’s Squash’d bottles have been taken to Dad dragons work, for him to try. I have been drinking more at home, and the boy loves watching the water change colour as he adds a dash of Squash’d. This has helped us to enjoy water and drink twice as much as we did before.

enjoy water more

I think the important part of drinking more is to get involved as a family. Don’t nag! that never goes down well. So having a bottle of water on a desk or next to a chair means it’s always to hand. Pop a bottle or Robinsons Squash’d in your bag to liven up the dull bottles of water, and finally get outside and have fun.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons

Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer from Homebase

It’s at this time of year that I start to think about all the jobs that need doing on the outside of the house, and especially cleaning. I have never been a fan of washing cars, windows and walls so had often wondered if a pressure washer might be the answer.

The Karcher K2 Compact Home Pressure Washer is available from Homebase RRP £99.99 and currently £10 off making it great value at £89.99. We decided to buy the car brush too so that we could use the washer on my soft top car roof. I was surprised at the range of different types of pressure washers at Homebase with everything from value models at less than £30 right up to industrial petrol models at £500. We chose Karcher as I had read some great reviews on their products and knew they would be up to the job. We soon found the model we wanted at our local Homebase, and were pleased that there were plenty in stock. We were even offered an extended warranty at the till which would have meant that Homebase would automatically replace the Karcher Pressure washer if anything went wrong. The boy and Dragon Dad were both far to excited about our purchase so it was straight home to try it out.

karcher K2 compact pressure washer

I was impressed with the Karcher K2 Compact Home Pressure Washer from the minute we opened the box, the instructions were easy, and very minimal assembly was needed. The hose and handle were easy to attach, and with all the bits you need it took less than 5 minutes and we were ready to go. We headed outside to check that I had the right hose attachments, and once the extension cable had been run out from the garage we were set to go.

The boy of course wanted first try, I showed him which order to turn everything on. Water first then the Karcher Pressure Washer, then the trigger. This pressure washer was so easy to use, and the boy soon got the hang practicing on the algae around the side of the house. The Karcher K2 Compact Pressure washer comes with different attachments one for walls, a Lance, and dirt-blaster. We found the standard lance was ideal for a range of jobs, it made an easy job of my front window. This is the one that seems to get the most of the salty sea air, and cobwebs.

using the karcher compact pressure washer

The Karcher K2 Compact Pressure washer was powerful enough for cleaning the soffits, and facia’s across the house, and the boy enjoyed blasting the concrete and weeds. Dad Dragons car was finished in minutes, and looked lovely and clean even the wheels. I love that the washer turns off when not in use so it doesn’t end up deafening you by being on constantly. I didn’t have a problem moving the unit as its so light, and with a cable length of 5m and hose length of 4m, found it didn’t need much moving about. Another great feature of the Karcher Compact Pressure washer is that you can run it off a water-butt, this would be a very useful way to save water and keep costs down.

The compact design means it fits away in the corner of the garage, and my only thought would be that it would have been good to have somewhere to wrap the electric cable round the unit when not in use. Overall I’m very pleased with the Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer as it will come in useful for cleaning the conservatory which has got very green over the winter, and hopefully will make our patios sparkle again!

Product details

  • The Karcher K2 Compact Home Pressure Washer is small and lightweight for occasional light tasks and comes complete with patio cleaner and a detergent package.
  • Length of cable: 5m.
  • Length of hose: 4m.
  • Features: Cable and hose hook, water inlet filter, lance and trigger storage facility, and detergent suction tube.
  • Safety details: Automatic safety cut off.
  • Usage: Ideal for cleaning small patios and decking as well as garden furniture, bicycles, cars and motorbikes.
  • Wattage: 1400W.
  • Portability: Portable.
  • Maximum water pressure: 110 bar.
  • Rated flow: 360.
  • Includes: One way lance, dirtblaster, T50 T-racer patio cleaner, patio and deck detergent pouch.
  • Guarantee: 2 years.

Disclaimer, in collaboration with Homebase.

Please note that the Karcher Pressure washer is not a toy, and that the boy who is aged 9 was supervised at all times while using the washer. It is advisable to consider wearing safety goggles while using a pressure washer as it can kick up stones and dirt towards your eyes.

Didrikson, getting outside whatever the weather

Didrikson are a Swedish company who have been around since 1913 and have a full range of both adult and children’s waterproof outerwear. The boy was asked to test out a coat and trouser set from the new and innovative adjustable  range. With a few Cub hikes in the coming months I thought the boy would benefit from the chance to see if the Didrikson Nera Set would keep him warm and dry.

As I would expect with a clothing company from Sweden the Nera set of coat and trousers is extremely well made, with an outer water-repellent shell, breathable coating and lining. There are too many details to list on this set but include loops for attaching gloves, and soft lined cuffs, and not forgetting the reflective safety strips. The boy was instructed to put the Nera set through its paces. At first he was not all that impressed, “Yuck! its clothes” as you can see here, but after a bit of persuasion he tried them on.

Didrikson Nera Set

The Didrikson Nera coat is a lovely shade of blue with a pattern called Pool waves, which at first I thought the boy might find too childish. He hasn’t said anything and actually the pattern is very neutral, so would suit girls or boys. The trousers are a dark navy with the addition of reinforced knees with a rubber textured material. These are a dungarees style and even though they looked huge, once the boy had adjusted the elastic braces fitted very well. I like the details of this set with adjustable under foot straps, high wasted and contrast elastic. The coat is zipped and poppered with a removable hood with a drip guard.

Having only ever purchased high street coats for the boy in the past, I know these are not always waterproof, or even windproof, but with the boy growing so quickly investing in full waterproof has not been an option till now. Didrikson have come up with the idea of extending the use of your coat and trouser sets with their hidden seam system.The arms and legs of this set each have a hidden tacked seam, in a contrast cotton it is easy to find and when the set starts to look a little shorter you can extend your use by releasing these seams. Children grow so fast, and this is a winning idea with me as I would want a coat to last at least one year, if not a little longer.

nera waterproof trousers

We had a long discussion about how to test the water-proofing of the Didrikson Nera coat set, and decided squirting the boy with a hose was not the best option. Some ideas included water rides, but it was decided a cub hike would possibly be more enjoyable. The boy set off all zipped up on a sunny spring evening, complete with hard-boiled egg. The experiment for the evening was going to be who could roll their egg down the hill without breaking the shell. Ok the boy didn’t manage to keep his egg undamaged but he did manage to get the award for the furthest rolled! The prize we got to bring the aptly named ‘smeg egg’ home. Nice!

the winning egg

The Didrikson Nera set fared well, the boy was dry, and kept warm as the evening had turned chilly. The trousers have shown signs of muddy puddles, but this easily brushed off. The coat is still looking new, and the boy has been wearing it everyday in the hope that it might rain. He even offered to wear the set to bed to test it out! I’m not sure this was needed so we have stuck to daytime wear.

I have been very impressed with both the quality and wearability of the Didrikson Nera set, and would consider investing the RRP £80 when the boy finally grows out of this one. But we will keep you updated as to how we get on when we extend the legs and arms later on in the year!

To find your local Didrikson stockist, or purchase online follow the link to the Didrikson website, they also have a Facebook page where you can find out more about the story behind the firm.

Disclaimer, we were sent this set to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

Family Fever

DGJ Organics Top to Toe review

DGJ Organics Kids Top to Toe is a great fun shampoo and body wash for kids, all the products from DGJ are organic and are free from Parabens and SLS. Top to toe comes in a funky double ended bottle so you can choose which smell you fancy. One end is vanilla and the other end strawberry this makes the packaging a bit more fun which I liked.

The boy was not exactly excited to be reviewing shampoo and wash, as a typical 8-year-old boy water is not his friend. I was quite shocked when the following night he asked for his new shampoo! so left him to it. This is what he had to say:

It’s not as bubbly as my normal shampoo, and I tried both the smells. I liked the vanilla and the other one smelt a bit funny?

This translates back to English as it was nice that I didn’t have to remember to wash my body after my hair, I liked the vanilla more than the strawberry. As a Mum I have always been concerned by the use of Parabens in lots of children’s shampoos and have always tried to buy products free of these chemicals. I found when the boy was small it would cause flair ups of eczema especially with bubble bath. The problem as the boy gets older is finding more grown up products that are still Paraben free so this will be a great start.

I love this product (I’m not being paid to say this) It solves the problem of sending the boy back to wash his hair as “I forgot Mum!” and I only have to leave one bottle on the side for him to remember. If I had to find a down side the bottom bottle lid fills with water from the shower but I could just separate the bottles!. Kid’s Top to Toe RRP £3.99 this is a great price as I have been paying much more for other Paraben free products and is available from the DGJ Organics website.

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Disclaimer we were sent a bottle of Kids Top to Toe to try, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.