Walkers Might Lights

We had lots of fun making our Walkers Mighty Light video at the weekend, so much so that when I asked the boy what he wanted to do on his last day before going back to school he said “can we make another crisp video?” followed by one of those whiney Pleeeeeeeeeeseeeee kind of noises!

So here is video number 2, Crisp football

Ok, so if you feel inspired to get your little ones into animation is was all very simple.

You will need:
A camera, it doesn’t need to be fancy and a tripod if you have one, but you could sit the camera on a box, just make sure it stays still while taking your shots.
Blue tack or similar, useful for making things stand up and stay where you put them.
Your subjects, we used crisps with ooglie eyes glued to them.
Background and props, the boy enjoyed making advertising hoardings, can you tell his favourite companies?

We found it is worth having everything ready before you start filming, and we had a story worked out as well. You will need to have an idea in your head of how to start and end your story and will need to move your characters about 10cm each time you take a picture. We found moving the other characters as well as your key subject helped to give the film a living feel.

It really was easier than we thought and the film part only took about 20 minutes and 90 pictures later we had told our story. Now to edit these into a film. I use Microsoft Movie maker which you can download for free here. Once you have opened your software simply load all your pictures and I set them to view for 1/2 a second. We decided that we needed to add music rather than leaving the film silent, tracks can be found on royalty free websites.
Then simply press play!
It really is as simple as that, the boy had great fun, and wants to make some more, so watch this space you never know what we might be sticking eyes on next!

Walkers New Mighty Lights

We have been asked to taste and review NEW Walkers Mighty Lights crisps, and were excited to test them out! But first a little crisp fun.

How are Mighty Lights different from standard potato crisps?

As you can see from our experiment

With 30% less fat than standard crisps, Mighty Lights are perfect for kids’ lunchboxes. They are tasty, ridged crisps that come in three flavours – roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted. All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians, and are available in shops nationwide. They’re made from real potatoes with no artificial colours of preservatives  and they’re a source of fibre.

We are all big crisp fans in the Soup Dragon house, so were very excited when the crisp box arrived. As you can see from the video Walkers Mighty Lights are strong on flavour, but light on fat! Walkers Mighty Lights come in three flavours Cheese & Onion, Ready Salted and Roast Chicken. Our packs were multi packs and just like regular Walkers crisps these are packed in multi packs of six. I was especially pleased to see that Roast Chicken flavour was one of the varieties as this is my personal favourite. So often the flavours of new crisps are just the usual favourites so this makes a nice change.

So for lunch we had wraps and crisps, the boy chose Roast Chicken I tried Ready Salted and that left Daddy M with Cheese & Onion. We were all very impressed with the flavour of the crisps as we couldn’t tell that there was any difference in the flavour from a regular packet of walkers. The crisps have a ridged look and feel, and are noticeably less greasy than regular crisps. I was surprised how much the whole family enjoyed them, and I don’t think the boy could tell the difference from normal standard crisps. You don’t seem to get very many in a packet, but this works well for us as a family as I would usually split the packet between two of us.


Walkers Mighty Lights also have no artificial colours and preservatives, no MSG’s and are made from real potatoes so this makes me happy. As a parent I often find it difficult to find healthy food to pack in the boys lunch box. I know that crisps are not the most healthy option. Knowing that Walkers Might Lights have no added nastys are a good point for me as a parent. The boy loves crisps and I try to restrict them to just a few packets a week. Walkers Mighty Lights, will be a great way for me to let the boy have crisps in his lunch without me feeling quite so guilty.

With the kids just about to go back to school, have a look out in the shops for new Walkers Might Lights as they should be on supermarket shelves very soon.

We were sent 3 multi packs of Walkers Mighty Lights to try and have been compensated for this post. The opinions however remain our own. No crisps were wasted in the making of our video and have all now been eaten!

we had so much fun making this short fil, that the boy wanted to make another so have a look at Walkers Mighty Lights part 2

The cheeky monkey, Walkers Hoops and Crosses snack review

Last week this cheeky little chap turned up with the postman. It’s always nice to get something unexpected in the post so I let the boy open this one.

Inside our shoebox was a cheeky monkey and a packet of the new Walkers Hoops and Crosses snack. We were sent a packet of the roast beef flavour to try.
My son loves crisps in his lunch so I was keen to find out what he thought of these.
our little walkers monkey with a tasty packet of New walkers hoops and crosses

The boy says

They are nice and crispy, and a cool shape. I like them but they could be a bit more beefy. They leave bits on your fingers, but its ok because you can lick it off.

I am always conscious that crisps are probably the worst part of my sons packed lunch, and do find it difficult to find healthy alternatives. Luckily these snacks are only 85 calories, and are made from whole grains with no artificial colours or preservatives. They also come in three flavours which state they are suitable for vegetarian’s.

I think I will be buying Walkers Hoops and Crosses for the boy as he seemed to really enjoy them, and if they are lower in fat and higher in wholegrain then they have to be a better alternative to crisps.

This is a sponsored post as I was sent a packet of Walkers Hoops and Crosses to review, but the opinion’s are all my own.