Jamie Raven Card Magic – Review

Jamie Raven Card Magic is one of four magic sets available online from Paul Lamond RRP £10.95 suitable for ages 8+.

Ok, so it is confession time as we didn’t know who Jamie Raven was, but the boy has always loved magic sets. We were excited to see what the Jamie Rave Card Magic box contained . The box includes a two packs of cards, a mystery box with spare cards and a secret membership card which gives you access online to the tricks.

The boy was a little puzzled that the Jamie Raven card magic set doesn’t contain any instructions, but once you have accessed the internet and been emailed the link it all became clear. ( My email went to spam so check there if you don’t get an instant reply)

Jamie Raven is the self-proclaimed runner-up, or “First placed Human” from Britain’s got talent series 2015. His website is easy to navigate, and once the boy had learnt the first trick he was keen to learn some more. Each trick video is easy to follow as Jamie performs the trick for you to watch, followed by a step by stem explanation of how it works and finally some tips on performance.

The boy learnt 4 very simple but amazingly effective tricks which he was then able to perform confidently on Bingo granny. He certainly had us all thinking and I loved the mind reading trick as I had no idea how it was don’t until the boy showed me. We decided you could do variations of each trick and could see how you could make them your own with a few simple additions!

We all had great fun learning Jamie Raven Card Magic tricks. The boy liked the easy to learn from videos and Jamies presentation style means I think anyone could easily master these tricks.

Visit Jamie Ravens website for more information on the trick sets available, or purchase your set from my affiliate link below.

Disclaimer we were sent this set in exchange for review, the words remain our own and have not been altered.

Gee Whizz – Review

Gee Whizz is a great new magical box of tricks from Drumond Park. Aimed at children aged 5+, RRP £19.99 this set is a mix of magic tricks and illusions to make the mind boggle.

The box contains instructions for 15 tricks and illusions as well as all the props you will need and of course a special magic wand. The only extras you will need are imagination, and in the case of the boy a good hat!

gee whizz

The boy’s interest in magic has been reignited after we saw a really good close up magician at our campsite in France. He was super keen to try out Gee Whizz and see if there was anything different in this box of tricks. I think he was pleasantly surprised as we have found in the past that some magic sets can be a little flimsy, small or sometimes don’t have all the props included. This can be frustrating if you don’t happen to have a coin of handkerchief handy. Gee Whizz doesn’t have this problem as even with the tricks that needed different parts all the bits are in the box. Add in the super clear guide with detailed colour pictures and we were in for a great magic show.

gee whizz contents

The boy started off with the wand trick which I have to say is very different, and rather cute. Making the feather flowers appear from nowhere is easy and great fun, add in some dramatic moves and your audiences will be wowed. Next out of the Gee Whizz box was the rope trick. This was something the French magician had done, and the boy was soon adding flair to the trick which had me baffled for a while. By far the favourite trick was where’s Polly? With the boys newly named wand “Steve” he could make the parrot fly around the room and appear in a different cage. This is a great trick if you have a child who loves to tell a story like the boy does.


The Gee Whizz box also contains some clever illusions, a spinning top that changes colour and even cards for you to practice your shadow puppetry. The boy had a great time trying to invent new tricks with the cards, and even put on a mini magic show for us which included some card tricks he had taught himself from YouTube. I would say the only disappointing part of this set is the flimsy box, it would have been nice to have a sturdy box to keep the tricks in, or even a nice little magicians bag. We think this Gee Whizz set would be a perfect starter set for any child and even young ones will love adding their flair to put on their own magic shows.

You can buy Gee Whizz now from toy stockists, click my amazon link below or  visit the Drumond Park website for more information. I can see Gee Whizz being a very popular Christmas gift this year.

We have been given a Gee Whizz box to share with you. Simply complete the gleam app, and answer the question in a comments below.

gee whizz

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Halloween 2014

It’s almost time to hang up your Halloween decorations and get dressed up as your favourite ghosts, witches and ghouls. But it’s not all that long ago that Guy Fawkes night was more popular in Britain and not the American style holiday that we now know as Halloween.

I remember penny for the guy contests, where the ultimate prize was to have your guy burnt at the top of the bonfire. I think I might have even made a bit of pocket-money from setting mine out on the street. Robbing my dads wardrobe which was not a good idea, and stuffing the shirts with scrunched up newspaper. The resulting print was everywhere! Bobbing for apples was a favourite, or perhaps a sticky bun hung from a string in the doorway. With hands tied behind your back of course. I remember parties where flower cakes had coins hidden in them, we all dressed up and ate toffee apples, hot chocolate and lots of cake. All this was done in the safety of our own homes, no roaming the street. No scaring old people with our ghoulish masks, or turning up on doorsteps asking for treats!


So fast forward 30 years (and a bit) and what to do with the boy? He wants to be like his friends, going from door to door and threatening the neighbours. How do we get around the problem? Well for the first 3 years he was too small to notice this celebration. Certainly that cake would keep him quiet, content in his world of trains and bricks. Year 4 and we agreed to carve a pineapple. Yes you read right a pineapple! Why carve a vegetable you have no intention of eating, that’s what I say. Setting the pineapple out for all to see!


Year 5 and it’s getting tricky to avoid the dressing up, but fate threw us a lifeline. The boy was ill and spent the night asleep in his bed. Year 6 and he knows all about the chocolate that can be collected from scaring people, and the only thing left to do was leave the country! Year 7 was too foggy to go out, and year 8 well that was something else (read about our trip here).


Now its year 9, with his ever so frightening costume at the ready we head off again. Yes to the land where the tradition of trekking the streets for candy came from, the USA. Yes this Halloween we will be scaring the inhabitants of Walt Disney World Florida dressed as a Ghost buster, perfect for catching your ghoulish parents!