Green Giant Minion Challenge

We have been asked to take part in the Tots100 & Green Giant Minion challenge, and as Minions are everywhere at the moment this seemed the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Our challenge was to create something incorporating sweet corn that was fun, and of course minion related.

green giant

The minions film is now out at cinemas across the country and we went to see it last week so have been inspired to make some Green Giant sweet corn Minion mini omelettes. The ingredients are simple and something most people will have in their cupboards, so our minion omelette would make an easy mid week meal.

To make 2 mini minions you will need 2 eggs, one tin of sweet corn and a splash of milk. We used the peel from cucumber with some peas to decorate.

We whisked up the whole eggs with a splash of milk. Drain and rinse the sweet corn. Heat up a mini frying pan, or if you don’t have one a chefs ring in a larger pan would work fine. Then add half of the mixture to the pan, and sprinkle a handful of sweet corn into the omelette mixture. cook until the eggs have gone solid and flip to brown the second side. Once cooked pop on a plate ready to decorate.

green giant minion

For decoration we used thin peelings of cucumber, or you could use bacon strips, olives or peppers to decorate the minions cheeky faces. we cut two long strips for the sides of the minions goggles, then used a small slices of cucumber for the eyes with a pea in the middle. We cut out small pieces for mouths and you could make tufts of hair too. Now you have your very own Bob, Stuart and Dave creations.

minion challenge with green giant

We hope you will have a go at making your own fun minion food creations, if you have been inspired or would like to look at some of the other fun Minion foods then why not check out the #greengiantminions on twitter and instagram.

minions green giant



Pocket Money Memories

Pocket money, what memories does that bring back for you? I know that for me it meant sweets. They say you can tell a lot about your childhood by the sweets you bought. Well I can see the importance of it now. Ask any adult and I bet they can remember the cost of a packet of Opal Fruits or a Marathon! or for me a Texan bar. But ask you how much a loaf of bread cost when you were ten, and you might struggle?

I remember it was a thrill to go and stay with my Nan on a Friday night (which I did almost every week) and to be given 20p to spend. This meant a trip to the sweet shop round the corner. I remember well the array of 1/2p sweets yes I could get a full 40 sweets for 20p. I remember coming home from school going to the shop on the way home and buying 2 oz of sweets, usually cola cubes, sherbet lemon’s, and pips. I remember they used to get all warm and sticky and they used to get stuck to the white paper bag so you just ate that as well. You could sneak them into class in a fluff filled pocket or a pencil-case and munch while you gazed out of the window.

I got my first job round about the time I started senior school, I was about 12/13 and I used to mow lawns and do gardening for a couple of older people. I remember I got paid £1.25 and hour and it took a full hour to mow one lady’s lawn. I also remember that it was then another one and a half hours while we chatted and she made me cups of tea and biscuits. I saved for the whole year, enough money to buy my first Midi Hi-Fi and it was bought from Boots, yes in those days Boots was not just a chemist! I was so proud of my purchase and I think I still have the receipt. It meant a lot to me to be able to play my tapes and records in my bedroom.

Midi Hi-Fi


I wonder what my son will remember about his childhood, will it be his lovely new bike, his amazing holidays. Maybe his huge collection of Lego, or do you think it might be the shrimps he buys for 2p each when he goes to the shops with Grandad?

I would love to hear your sweet memories, bring back Texan bars! I don’t know if my teeth would take it?

“This post is an entry into the Tots100/Roosterbank Pocket Money Competition”

That’s My Hero

I think we all have our own Hero’s growing up, whether they are family members or sporting stars. I know that mine was, and always will be my Nan, she was a big part of my family life and I have lots of very happy memories of summers spent in her garden or playing in the park.

So when I saw this competition with Tots 100 and Money Supermarket to find your Child’s Hero I though it would be a great question to ask the boy. I did wonder who he would choose, maybe a family member, maybe a friend maybe even his fencing teacher? I wasn’t really prepared for the answer!

So tonight I asked the question “Who is your Super Hero?” The answer was very clearly “Miss B” with no hesitation it was quite clear that he had though long and hard about it. Now this is a shock to me for one reason I didn’t think that he got on with his temporary teacher. His class has had a rocky start to the year with their permanent teacher being in hospital for a major operation. I didn’t think that they had realised how lucky they were to have just one teacher in place for the last 8 weeks! Clearly I was about to be proven wrong.

So here she is in all her super hero glory, and this is what the boy says…

Miss Super B

Miss B has secret powers and is able to fight crime and send children flying to Mrs A (The Head) just by clicking her fingers. She can speak 15 different languages “That’s my lucky number” She can tidy up so quick if you blink you miss it, as all the things fly back into place. She can breath in space and lives in Cornwall!
With her sonic click, objects can knock baddies out and sends them to prison. Miss B has lots of mysterious things, that nobody knows. If you think there is no end to her talents you are wrong she will have more hidden! Her clothes never get dirty and she always wears her hidden outfit. She can defeat criminals even if she is in the swimming pool, and everyone will be “flabbergasted!”
She knows the answer to every sum even the hardest sum in the world, and I like her!

In the picture you can see Miss Super B in the classroom sending a sonic message to Mrs A because she has spotted someone in the playground being naughty.
There is a shelf to hold the class dancing clown, and she is just about to tidy up using her sonic click.

I know that we all hope as parents that our child’s teacher will spark their imagination, and encourage them to learn. So I think that all the lovely things the boy said about Miss B are high praise indeed. Coming from a 7-year-old who I know is not always the most cooperative child, and who has had his fair share of being sent to Mrs A!

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Who is your Hero?